Reduced to clear/offer beers still 4 for 3 in M&S

Reduced to clear/offer beers still 4 for 3 in M&S

LocalFound 20th Sep 2017Edited by:"tonyspoons"
2794737.jpgJust bought a load of reduced to clear craft beers in M&S Cramlington and discovered that they still go through as 4 for 3 despite only being £1 each, makes them 75p each after the offer. Bought a job lot of 'White IPA' (Made by Adnams for M&S, 5.5%) and a couple of 'American IPA' (Made by Arbor Ales for M&S, 6%). Always worth a look if you're in an M&S food as they are regularly changing their lines/clearing stock.

Edit: Best-befores were all early them for Xmas? Me thinks not!
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Anyone know if reduced beers are everywhere or if this is shop specific?
I think the beers that are reduced to clear are quite often shop specific depending on what stock they need to get rid of, however last year the White IPA was reduced to clear everywhere (could be seasonal?) and I hoovered loads up as it is damn tasty.
Popped into town in Sheffield on lunch. There's a few reduced (a lot are out of stock) and got 4 for 3. Thanks op.
Took advantage of this deal in Bristol Eastgate. The American IPA made by Arbor ales is a steal!
Bought the 4 of the white ipas for 3 quid. Hope it's nice. Cheers hop!
Found in two branches near me. I meant to post last week!
Great deal, grabbed myself a few
cheers for the heads up - although I was a bit late as I saw there were about 7/8 that had been reduced to £1 but most were out of stock already.

Still managed to stock up on Battersea Rye
Country wide. Includes some Meantimes, Omission lines also. Bottles will be changing to cans in stores probably
Thanks for posting - picked up 8 bottles today
fukd25 m ago

Thanks for posting - picked up 8 bottles today

Likewise, thanks to the original poster. I picked up 12 bottles of the American IPA today and the store had plenty of 2 other £1.00 options. so I hope to get some more bottles tomorrow.
My local had anew version of the American Pale Ale on the shelves with a £2.00 price label. The new version is 4.8% ABV and has a blue label. They still had some of the green label 6% ABV bottles (different barcode) and I expect these still scan at £1.00.

I picked up the last 8 bottles of Nøgne Ø Pale Ale (6% ABV) reduced to £1.00 (75p after discount) and given the rate beer reviews it seems like a real bargain worth looking out for in other stores.

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