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Redex Twinpack , Petrol & Diesel Engine Cleaner

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Twinpack for Rex cleaner in Aldi stores. Might be nationwide
Aldi More details at

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  1. Gollywood's avatar
    £2.50 each. Tesco in-store if that's more convenient
  2. PW-76's avatar
    Bought this Aldi twin pack and then noticed each individual bottle only treats ONE tank of fuel. The bottles in Tesco are £2.50 each and treat TWO tanks of fuel.
  3. Beyourself's avatar
    2.50 at tesco with clubcard
  4. rizvig81's avatar
    They are cheap but not working properly. Instead, use Wayne's, which works properly clean, especially diesel injectors ,Little expensive, though
    Herniol's avatar
    I disagree in regards to petrol version. I have been using them for many years, every single tank fill and car runs like a needle. 2011 civic mk8.
  5. junk15's avatar
    Can't see the difference between with and without it
    WasteMoney's avatar
    Because it’s snake oil
  6. urbanbushwacker's avatar
    I'm going to wait until Elon Musk brings out a redex version for electric cars
    robbiet's avatar
    Wouldn’t that just be like an antivirus or something? or an adblocker ha
  7. WasteMoney's avatar
    andyatalice's avatar
    I’m getting that you are not keen???

    let’s offer a more informed and balanced opinion eh?

    For a kick off, these aren’t engine cleaners they are fuel system cleaners. 

    These are good if you regularly use supermarket fuel. They contain cleaning additives that help clean mainly injectors in petrol and diesel engines.
    However if you use good quality branded fuel like BP and Shell etc, then they don’t offer much more as these fuels have the brands own cleaning additives already in them…

    They won’t do any harm and like I say, if you run cheapo fuel, they will give a small benefit. (edited)
  8. Chiptivo's avatar
    If your car has a warranty don't admit to your dealer you have used one.
    Check the manual of the car, invalidates the warranty I'm afraid..
    andyatalice's avatar
    If that’s actually true……why does every single dealer offer me a fuel additive treatment whenever I put my cars in for a main dealer service???
  9. mcav's avatar
    Snake oil for £4.99? No thanks.
    CRWAB's avatar
    Depends. I wouldn't use it on a perfectly running car personally (not the petrol anyway)

    People expect a miracle or some performance gains and they will be upset.

    However I've used some redex in an old car that was sat months on old fuel and it ran a lot smoother - basically just all the additives for cleaning. Could have drained it and refilled with new fuel but this was easier.

    Also use it on garden engines, as helps stabilise old fuel and keep the components running nicely with less service. Maybe go through half a bottle every 5l jerry I use. Evened out some of the "pops" from my mountfield.

    I also twice a year chuck a diesel dpf cleaner in the daily. All they do is act as a chemical that aids the breakdown of the natural process. Mostly as since COVID I don't whack the miles on it, seem to get less dpf regen happening since. (edited)
  10. radium's avatar
    I've used these a few times but not too impressed with the performance. I use Wurth instead.
    qbs's avatar
    But is it worth it? All these products contain essentially the same mix. Most 'evidence' is annecdotal.

    I can remember a friend pouring Redex into his Spitfire (Triumph, not Supermarine) and the only tangible effect was a smokescreen that would have put a WW1 battleship to shame.

    They're not quite snake oil, but close. Some will pick your pockets cleaner than others, and that's the only cleaning effect you can guarantee.
  11. eldaniel's avatar
    Tesco is £2.50 for one with clubcard so potentially better deal for many that only want to buy one.
  12. TheOak's avatar
    These are commonly £2 each
    lasuil's avatar
    I used redex often and haven't seen it down to £2 in years. £2.50 is the standard offer price now
  13. monkeyb0y's avatar
    your money would be better spent paying the 5ver difference between budget fuel and a premium from shell of esso for a full tank
    S555's avatar
    Or tesco 99.
  14. AndrewMS3's avatar
    to add my 2 cents.
    using redex certainly does give me a few extra miles per tank. Top gear or Channel 5 car show once tested Redex and it did improve performance ever so slightly. Issues or no issues with you car, pour a half bottle in tank of about 40-50 litres (some cars have bigger tanks) every 5 refills. Dont wait till you have rough idling or bad performace, but the latter is a difficult one to judge as a before and after because of so many other factors. Plus dont wait until there is a reason to use it becuase its a lot more difficult for this to work if the injectors get too clogged up. (edited)
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