Reebok Deck £73.48 from Ideal World  (£60.74 with code)

Reebok Deck £73.48 from Ideal World (£60.74 with code)

Found 15th Sep 2012
The Reebok Deck builds on the tried and tested design of the Reebok Studio Step, to offer a multi-functional solution, which encompasses the key aspects required for a successful workout.

For optimum Workout, a training program needs to be balanced; it requires a cardio element, a resistance component and a flexibility aspect.

The Reebok Deck can be configured in many different ways to make it into a flat, incline or decline strength training bench. Add in Reebok Dumbbells, Powerbags, Rep Sets and Resistance Tubes using the Reebok Deck’s integral locators training to deliver cardio and workouts.

Use with Reebok Resistance Tubes, Rep Sets, Dumbbells, Medicine Balls and Powerbags
The Reebok Deck enables these three essential cornerstones of fitness to be achieved in a single workout:
Power Training
Resistance Training

The step configuration provides the ideal workout whilst the bench, its step height of 205mm is perfect for low impact aerobics. To increase the intensity, simply flip out the integral risers to 355mm. A low centre of mass and durable non-slip rubber surface makes the Reebok Deck very stable and safe in use.The seat options enable strength and power training by facilitating free weights usage. Resistance tube locators, positioned around the deck, assist stretching and toning exercises.

The Reebok Deck complements the Reebok Studio Line range perfectly, with a sleek design and an easy-to-store, easy-to-use concept. With an included training DVD and designed in conjunction with Loughborough University, this professional quality Deck from Reebok represents superb value for any home gym or fitness enthusiast.
This is currently on Amazon for £135 so a good saving.

COST NOW £60.70 including delivery.
Use this code for 10% off the price before delivery charge. 614504. Free delivery code 857565 Total cost £60.74
- rosco123
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There seem to be a few offers on Reebok items on Ideal World, it looks like there is a new design on certain items, therefore the easytone step, resistance bands and trainpod are all good prices.... don't forget Quidco too...
I am considering this but do i really need it, got a weights bench and do free weights, sit ups press ups, side plank etc. Can't decide.
Use this code for 10% off the price before delivery charge. 614504. Free delivery code 857565 Total cost £60.74:D
Edited by: "rosco123" 16th Sep 2012
Quidco also offers cashback - 5% for sales when a voucher code is used. Taking a further £3.37 off the price - £57.37.
Sold out! When I went to checkout.
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