Reebok Hexride Radiate trainers (Poss. £22.81- was £54.95!)

Reebok Hexride Radiate trainers (Poss. £22.81- was £54.95!)

Found 9th Jan 2010
Fantastic deal! I saw these yesterday reduced to £50 from £69.99 in Sports Direct.

I ordered these last week (pre-snow), and UPS delivered them from just outside Dortmund, Germany to my door in 3 days. They're the most comfiest trainers I've worn. It feels like I have an eiderdown tied to the bottom of my feet!

They have in stock sizes; 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11 and 12.

Some reviews say go a size up. I'm a size 8, and these trainers in size 8 fit me perfectly.

- Delivery is free.
- Quidco advertise at 5% cashback. My total order came to £54, yet going through Quidco got me £6.48 off, which is 12%!

Get an extra 5% off with the code; REEBOKWINTER

With the code, and should Quidco remain at 12%, you could be getting the shoe for £22.81 delivered! If not, then you will get it for £24.73. A great deal nonetheless!


Nice site and some good looking gear there too

Free postage also an added feature

Promo code doesnt appear to be working after clicking 'apply'.
If anyone can get it to work i'd love to order a pair!

Thanks for posting - i'll vote when I know about the code.

good deal if it works, but their website doesnt recognise my postcode, only been here for 4 years

Haven't voted either way, because:

- The promotion code has expired (if you click on the '!' after you have tried to apply the code, it says it has expired)
- Quidco shows 5%, there is no guarantee others will be lucky enough to get the 12%
- Delivery is showing as 2 to 5 weeks

Nevertheless, the price is decent.

Code expired.

Sorry, don't get the maths in this one...

if it helps anyone the code REEBOKWINTER works but is only 5%

Original Poster

REEBOKWINTER definately works. I used that order code last week (but foolishly couldn't remember it, or find the site I found it on!)

Original post has now been updated to reflect valid code.

thanks for the post- seems like a good price

shouldnt you be wearing timberlands rather then these in this weather

Size 9 sold out :-(

Original Poster

They're not ideal for snow though due to the mesh, but they are definately breathable, resulting in less pong! Non-cotton socks also play a large role in that too. I'm a runner, so am frustrated that these have gone back in the box given the recent snow/slush.

Like most things though reverse-season shopping saves plenty of pennies.

bought a pair last night. quidco is paying 7% which is 7% of £26.11 (price ofter 5% code) so total cost price is £24.28

H&R left for the deal, but went back to have another look and now I can't find them - can anyone else find them on the reebok shop?

looks like theyve sold out!
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