Unfortunately, this deal has expired 11 November 2023.
Posted 17 September 2023

Reebok Mens Ridgerider 6 Trail Walking Shoes (Sizes 6-13) - W/Code

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RRP £50, reduced to £35, further discount with code C3357DS5 plus free delivery.

Available in black in sizes 6 to 13.



Take on the toughest terrain in these men's Reebok trail-walking shoes. A ripstop upper with synthetic overlays protects you from the elements. The lugged rubber outsole lets you find traction on slippery soil. A foam midsole keeps you in cushioned comfort all day long


  • Ripstop and mesh upper
  • Toe overlay
  • Lightweight EVA midsole
  • Rubber outsole for all-terrain traction

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  1. boostii's avatar
    Not rugged, not got serious traction, it's just a regular pair of trainers. The only outdoor/trail element is the styling. They are comfortable and a good wide fit and the GORE-TEX version is genuinely water proof and very good value. Not sure about these as the regular non-waterproof version. Get them if you like them, you won't be disappointed for day to day wear - not suitable for the hills in my opinion. (edited)
  2. Husla's avatar
    Rip, would've bought these instead of the deal from yesterday on Reebok trainers.
    PD2K79's avatar
    It was only small sizes on these yesterday when I looked and they restocked, so placed another order
  3. thenormalone's avatar
    These have been posted before on here and I wouldn't recommend them. They get wet easily in light rain and the laces on them are terrible and keep opening at random. Avoid (edited)
  4. ud987's avatar
    Are these waterproof?
  5. timb999's avatar
    These are just over 4 months old. As you can see, the toe caps have not fared well - the upper surface is peeling off, but the biggest issue is that the sole (the curled up part on the toe) is detaching from the shoe (on the left), and now gets dirt/debris stuck in the gap - clearly this is just going to get worse and peel off further. They have only had light house/garden/dogwalks (on concrete/paths) use, no tough hiking and have rarely got wet (as they are not at all waterproof).

    Shame as I really like them and they are super comfy (and good for wide feet), but sadly do not seem very durable. Certainly would advise light use.

    sussexroyal's avatar
    You could sort that in no time with a bit of contact adhesive
  6. hotukbeard's avatar
    Finally some plain black trainers.

    Ordered two 11's
    hotukbeard's avatar
    Mine came the other day. They fit absolutely fine.

    One issue is the laces, they're so short. If you use the last hole, it's difficult to managed to tie them.
  7. kfitzat's avatar
    Don't try running in these though
  8. shak's avatar
    Got the full astroride gore tex for £51 after code, they’re these but waterproof and better grip. Thanks!
    Lifeistest's avatar
    Can you please give us a link?
  9. Sukster's avatar
    Good price 😄
  10. sb1876's avatar
    Cheers, for any students there's 30% off, plus Quidco too.
    lazyfatboy's avatar
    Annoyingly, unidays voucher reduces it to 24.50, so there's shipping of 3.99 applied (edited)
  11. haggisheid's avatar
    Been waiting for them to go on sale for ages, ended up getting Pumas!
  12. londonstinks's avatar
    I've had these for about 6 months. Good for pottering about in forest, woodland etc.
  13. nigelcollis18's avatar
    Have had these for a year, comfortable, good for well made up paths, useless in mud or rough terrain, no grip.
  14. dk2401's avatar
    Please note folks that these have mesh uppers and therefore are NOT waterproof!
  15. GaryCrossan's avatar
    For returns: Just been knocked back at a UPS drop off point. (Newsagents).
    I taped the RTN label to box.
    I printed off 2 RTN "notes". Signed them. Put one in box. Handed one to newsagents.

    They said I needed 4 RTN "notes".
    1 inside box.
    3 inside a clear bag taped to the outside of parcel. All signed.

    So......1 RTN label and 4 RTN notes.

    Thx Brexit
  16. deadhorse's avatar
    Can you use the code more than once as i used it yesterday and its not working for me today.
    TECHSPEC's avatar
  17. SJ2876's avatar
    Does anyone have a unidays discount code please?
  18. James_R's avatar
    How do Reebok's generally fit?
    AlexPatrick's avatar
    In my experience correct length but narrow if you have wide feet
  19. Mutton_Man's avatar
    How are these when walking on lomg wet grass? Water resistant at all?
    anthony401's avatar
    Not at all.
    I bought these and the GTX version in February. The GTX version kept the water out for two hikes and that was it. Reebok aren't interested in the issue. Both very comfortable for hours at a time.
  20. Lifeistest's avatar
    How will these compare to yesterday deal?....And they're also not waterproof?
    PD2K79's avatar
    Waterproof version are £45.05 with the code
  21. boruch_dzialo's avatar
    Anyone have issues with shipping. I've been waiting 10 days for my order to be shipped... And counting...
    MrCharlie's avatar
    Yes it's the general issue with the site for UK users. Check trustpilot, some peeps even had box opens with missing contents and refunds not processed. I didn't bother ordering after reading the reviews.

    uk.trustpilot.com/rev…ncy (edited)
  22. goodbuy's avatar
    My husband loves these, very comfortable, ordered, great deal, thanks
  23. ramper777's avatar
    Could someone please PM a Unidays code. Thanks in advance.
  24. shak's avatar
    rev6's avatar
    Works fine here.
  25. ud987's avatar
    Ordered few days ago, how long does it take.for delivery
    alcopop's avatar
    I placed two orders on Monday, the second has been dispatched. Due tomorrow. The first hasn't been dispatched.
  26. TECHSPEC's avatar
    Ordered Sunday arrived today.
  27. seagull1977's avatar
    Bought two size 9.5 and they arrived today. They were a little big (even bigger than my Adidas size 10 (which I always size up). The shoes also felt a little cheap and wouldn't last so have sent them back (edited)
  28. SnoopZ's avatar
    Mine came today and they fit perfectly look great and exactly what I was looking for, hopefully after I've worn them in I will feel the same way but can't complain for £30.
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