Reebok One GT40S Treadmill £379.99 @ Argos

Reebok One GT40S Treadmill £379.99 @ Argos

£379.99Argos Deals
Found 25th Dec 2016
Reebok One GT40S Treadmill £379.99 @ Argos

possible 10% quidco
- cargill85
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Makes a great coat hanger.
Expensive clothes horse

Makes a great coat hanger.

For the lazy...

For the lazy...

And logical thinkers!
Now that's a bargain! I was looking at this treadmill months ago (or maybe it was last year) but i remember it being ridiculously expensive.

And logical thinkers!

How is that logical?
Would like to think I'd use this but always say I'll go road running and don't so what's the difference!!

It's tiny save your money unless of course you're tiny too ..
i bought this and cancelled my gym memebership ( paid argos the £99 extra for warranty) ...thinking i would use it loads as i could exercise as much i wanted and YES its great ... great quality but in actual fact after 6 months it was taking up too much space and i found it too easy to stop for a coffee break when slightly out of breath and wasn't pushing myself like i did at the gym ...because i work harder when others are working out too and for fear of them saying 'look at that lazy cow stopping after 20 minutes running"

i sold it for £150
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bought this for my mrs. possible 10% quidco too
This is huge, even when folded. It seems Argos discounts this item frequently!
Of note the maximum speed only allows for a 6 minute mile pace which will not suit everyone.
i have a treadmill and it is completely useless, not only do these things take up huge amounts of space, they are also extremely noisy and feel very un-natural to run on, try before buy. The other problem is people think they will lose weight from purely running when we (Fat people) should look think about other exercises like weight training and our diet, running is still good for your health but just do it outside where you can make use of that distance going places or even buy groceries rather than running on the spot bored for 20 minutes. rant over .
Thanks op. Ordered one.
That 43cm running surface width is a bit tight?

I've had an 'eBay special' (Chinese built thing with a supposedly high quality American motor) treadmill set up in the garage for years now, originally purchased to save 2x gym memberships. 8 years later, and my £300 purchase has more than served it's purpose - it gets serious usage from the two of us - I've run 1200KM this year, I'd estimate more than half was on the treadmill.

I do run outside when I can, but there are times when the treadmill is more convenient (usually when it's wet and/or dark outside)

But it is starting to wear out, so I was looking at replacing it. Trouble is, on paper none of these machines that are supposedly worth £1000 or more have anywhere near the specification of the machine they would be replacing - especially with stuff like the width/length of the running platform. This makes me think £300 is about the right price to pay, and they're never worth anywhere approaching the RRP figure.
now upped to 399.99! might wait a few days and see if it goes down.!
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