Unfortunately, this deal has expired 24 October 2022.
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Posted 17 September 2022

Reebok Prescription Glasses £27.99 delivered with code (9 to choose from) @ Specky Four Eyes

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Reebok Prescription Glasses - were £99

£22 + £5.99 delivered with code

Code: RB22

9 pairs to choose from
Specky Four Eyes More details at Specky Four Eyes
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    To clear a few things up (based on previous FAQs):

    Processing times

    We aim to process promotional orders within 30 working days (please note; Bank Holidays and Weekends are not working days)

    Where we are

    We are based in West Yorkshire; right here in the UK. Our labs are also in West Yorkshire (again, in the UK)

    Okay, so I’ve seen the processing times and I agreed to them when I placed the order but I still want my glasses quicker

    Just call us on 03448 20 20 20 to discuss our Fast Track Service with us.

    We hope this information helps.

    Kind regards,

    Your Specky Team
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    This is still live. Just done an order. Came to £27.99 but yes delivery takes 2 to 4 weeks.
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    I got one of these pairs a few years back and they have been brilliant.. excellent value for money
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    Great find gollywood!. Im due a pair
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    I've ordered.

    I have been on the lookout for something like this to replace my existing pair which dont stay on my face too well.

    Thank for posting.

    Heat given.
    Are you using velcro?
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    So the price of £22 is just for the frames..... prescription additional charge🤷🤷 Am I missing something?
    You're completely missing.. everything

    The £27.99 is for complete glasses including lens (not just frames).

    Optional extras like tints/coatings will be extra (edited)
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    Just do it.
    It's reebok not Nike 😁
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    Soecky Four Eyes was a bullying phrase when I was a lad.
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    Anyone know when this expires please?
    I got the email at 9am this morning. It doesn't state an expiry date
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    Good price, not a lot of choice unfortunately
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    How do people go on with fitting with these online retailers? I know high street opticians don't like it if you just get a prescription from them and don't make a purchase so I'm guessing they won't like you taking glasses in to be adjusted that you bought online elsewhere
    They don't like giving out prescriptions. They make you feel a bit guilty about it. Plus they won't give you the PD measurement.

    I have been buying online for 15years. No issues

    Can't blame them for not wanting to adjust your online specs for free though! (edited)
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    Any idea when the voucher is likely to be pulled? Not sure if to get a new prescription first.
    I got the email at 9am yesterday. It doesn't state an expiry date
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    Coming out to £47 - what am I doing wrong
    Ah, I had accidentally clicked one of the £10 lens upgrades. I retried it and it works now!
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    Have had a few pairs from here and they are brilliant value for money.
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    £99 now
    Did you use the code, as it still seems to be working?
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    Bargain but the delivery time is about 2 weeks
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    Where to get your eye PD? Went to specsavers, paid for eye test, PD is only measured when buying frames with them. I'm afraid of the PD be off for too much. How do you guys do? Help please!
    You could measure it yourself but you're right, opticians don't give out the PD. I have a little PD measuring ruler that an online glasses retailer sent me years ago with a purchase
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    Download the GlassesOn app. That's the only one that's accurate enough I believe and I was asked to send a screenshot from this aop of my results when recently ordered from glasses direct.