Reebok Switchback 26 Inch Mountain Bike - Men's - Was £359.99 Now £149.99 + £5.95 Postage @ Argos

Reebok Switchback 26 Inch Mountain Bike - Men's - Was £359.99 Now £149.99 + £5.95 Postage @ Argos

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Found 14th Mar 2011
RRP is £359.99 - Seems like a good deal if true? Please comment on the bike if you know about it...

If you are looking to go off-road, trail riding or just want a reliable and versatile bike for getting round town this hardtail Mountain Bike is perfect. The Reebok Switchback Mountain Bike has a front suspension fork for a smoother ride. We also have a great range of accessories available.

Alloy frame.
21 gears with SRAM twist-grip shifters.
Shimano gears.
Front V-type and rear V-type brakes.
Front suspension.
Weight fully assembled 14.6kg.
26 inch wheel size.
Suitable from 82 to 95cm inside leg measurement.
Suitable for ages 14 years and over.
General information:

Some assembly required to fit front wheel, pedals, saddle and handlebars.
Tools and instructions included.
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* Please note item 3323227 has previously been on sale at £149.90. oO

Is people voting cold because it was available for 10p cheaper before?
I think the reason for the cold is the fact that it's a Reebok. As far as I know they're not known for building great bikes.
As per your other deal, give us a few parameters of what you're after and I'm sure people will be able to find you a deal. For instance do you need a mountain bike or would a hybrid be more appropriate.

As a starting point you're probably better going to a proper bike store to get fitted properly for your bike.

In a similar price range to this deal I found this:

Not too bad for the money... but you'll get much better spending a bit more!
I would just be using it on roads and paths I would imagine, which is why I'm not keen on spending too much, don't Think I'd be putting it through too much! Just for a few long rides in the summer!!
Have a look at a hybrid instead of a mountain bike, it'll be lighter and faster for your purposes. Again I recommend going to a proper bike shop to get fitted. Evans are pretty much everywhere and have a few reasonable deals. Halfords also, but I hesitate to recommend them because it really depends if you get a good salesman or not. Get the wrong guy and you'll get ripped off with an Apollo.

One example in your price range:

What I would buy :…534

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As Kafkaesque states, he'd go for a much more expensive bike than you would choose. There are plenty of bike nuts who want to upgrade to the next level of bike they can afford which usually means they have a bike to sell on. I think you'd be better going for a higher spec second hand bike.

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Check it out Amazon... godd deals at the Raleigh range..

Check it out Amazon... godd deals at the Raleigh range..

Hey cheers! I just bought a cheap one for £83, decent for the brand I thought? And it had no suspension that people keep saying messes it up! Just hope its the right size for me! Im sure itll be good for the amount of use I will give it!
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