Reese peanut butter advent calendar £4 @ Poundworld

Reese peanut butter advent calendar £4 @ Poundworld

Found 12th Nov
Reese peanut butter advent calendars, £4.00 at poundworld, found at poundworld blaydon in Newcastle, hopefully nationwide.


Brexit has destroyed our currency, pound shop Advent calendars now £4! Glad we're first in the queue for Trumps trade deals they are going to make America great again.

£4.99 in b&m stores nationally too

I've been checking b&m but no luck. Will go to pound world tomorrow.
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Member when pound shops sold things for a pound. Yeah I member.

That price for just 25 miniatures!? Ouch.

These are going for upto £12 on fleabay, Mrs loves Reese so I got one when I saw them in B&M for £4.99. Nice price £4 although its only a gimmik, she makes her own reese now melting chocolate into a bun case, putting peanut butter mixed with icing sugar on top and topping up with chocolate. Just like what you buy in shops
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