*Refurb* 16GB Apple iPad Mini 1st Gen- Black or White w/ free delivery + 1 year warranty £94.99 @ NewAndUsedLaptops4U eBay outlet

*Refurb* 16GB Apple iPad Mini 1st Gen- Black or White w/ free delivery + 1 year warranty £94.99 @ NewAndUsedLaptops4U eBay outlet

£94.99eBay Deals
Found 7th Jun 2016
Apple iPad Mini 1st Gen, delivered for 94.99!

1024x768 7.9'' LCD screen
Dual Core 1Ghz A9 CPU with Apple A5 chipset
5MP rear Camera, with 1080p video, 1.2MP front camera
Fully upgradeable to iOS 9.3.2
Wifi & Bluetooth 4.0 enabled

A very light, smaller iPad, a cheap and compact way of utilising the fill experience of iOS and benefiting from iTunes and the Apple store.

Refurbished, 'This iPad has been refurbished and has had a new digitizer screen installed. Item has been fully tested by an engineer and is in full working order, however there may be minor marks/scuffs to the rear case and/or edging, 1 Year RTB Warranty from Newandusedlaptops4u'

So refurbed, new screen, fully tested and factory reset, may be some minor marks, 1 year warranty

Includes USB charger cable, free express delivery and 14 day returns!
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This has nothing to do with your find. It is just that used Ipad prices baffle me. Recently I was pricing them up (minis) and no cell. So like 320 for a ipad mini 4, 220 for an ipad mini 2.... So I was like hmm, I took a look in CEX just to see, and it was 180 used for a ipad mini 2. Literally 40 pound off a brand new direct from apple ipad mini 2. I don't really get it.

I think this is a poor deal though (but in reality, might be good!). I just think your coming up for a 5th generation in 5 months time. You can pretty much wave goodbye to updates for it (and thus, games stop working etc eventually).
I posted this based on price, and on price this is a great deal, the product is a different matter

I personally find Apple products to be overpriced, they lose their value too slowly (good for sellers but bad for buyers), they lock you into an iOS which has way less freedom than Android, and into iTunes which is extortionate when the likes of Spotify, youtube etc... are about.

Agree with you, there have been several old gen iPad clearances recently, most likely because they have already decided behind closed doors to not patch this for the new iOS from now on, however considering cheap Android tablets locked onto Android 4 get heat, I don't quite understand why a (relatively) cheap, currently up to date iPad doesn't get the same.

Not that I care, viva Android ^^
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