REFURB - All in one PC Packard Bell £235.83 Delivered @ Ebay/Currys
REFURB - All in one PC Packard Bell £235.83 Delivered @ Ebay/Currys

REFURB - All in one PC Packard Bell £235.83 Delivered @ Ebay/Currys

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Great Price

Some other great deals just been listed on Desktops too


hot, ive just seen this aswell

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I saw gonna buy but bought this instead 130531602977

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If you want a resonable pc with licensed win 7 on the cheap then can't get better than this for £145


Not many left of those xtreme's for around 250, good price though for those who get em. I thought the 145 deal was ace too, for a little office poot.

The original posted computer would be full of win for me if it had any kind of dedicated :s Ah well.

yeah them packard bell ixtremes are priced good, you can get some good deals from currys sometimes

All gone, wow these sell fast!

Dell XPS 7100 for anyone? Was selling for over 500 refurbished not so long ago

Very nice 6 core desktop from a well known brand.

It says intergrated but i'd be suprised if that was true, i've got stuff before from ebay that came with a graphics card when wasn't listed. Lower in the spec it says dedicated 1GB

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Good deal although giving a 3 month warranty is extremely poor

Cracking deal, Cant believe I Missed the £154 desktop!

This for £245,don't tell us you can build it cheaper with that pcu and windows 7.

The big downside for me is the 3 month warranty. If they have confidence in their refurbs they would give 12 months like Argos. Having said that I had a refurb HP laptop from PC World which was fine for about 18 months. Overheated like mad, though many HP's do I now know, and hd packed in. Had my moneys worth but now prefer deals with longer warranties.
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