(Refurb) Creatives Zen Vision:M 30gb only £90.99 delivered

(Refurb) Creatives Zen Vision:M 30gb only £90.99 delivered

Found 13th Feb 2008
Creatives Zen Vision:M is the ultimate player for people who want to enjoy music and movies on the go. This stylish, versatile system features an advanced 2.5-inch high-resolution colour screen that can display movies and stills up to an amazing 262,144 colours! The Zen Vision:Ms rechargeable battery delivers playtimes up to four hours with video, up to 14 hours with music. For live entertainment or capturing those special moments theres also a built-in FM radio and voice recorder. The Zen Vision:M supports popular music, video and photo formats. It can store up to 15,000 songs* or up to 120 hours of video on its high-capacity hard disk. It can also be connected to the TV** to share images and videos with friends and family.





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It costs £300 new from Amazon and gets brilliant reviews.


That Amazon price is from a marketplace seller and is hugely inflated above the real value of this model.

However, it's still a good price as other places are selling the refurb for about £120-130. Get s hot vote from me!
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