REFURB eMachines EM350 netbook Windows XP Home 160GB hd 1gb ram 4hr battery 10.1inch screen £116.28 @ currys/ebay

REFURB eMachines EM350 netbook Windows XP Home 160GB hd 1gb ram 4hr battery 10.1inch screen £116.28 @ currys/ebay

Found 28th Apr 2011
Excellent price

Only 4 in stock. I don't need one but thought it'd benefit somebody

Processor - Intel® Atom N450 for portability
Operating System - Genuine Windows® XP Home
Memory & storage - 1GB & 160GB hard drive
Screen and weight - 10.1" display and 1.1kg
Features - Wireless, Webcam, 4hrs battery
USB Connections - 2
25.2 mm Height
258.5 mm Width
185 mm Depth
This Item is missing its original Packaging.

Also FYI currys/ebay seems to have had a whole batch of new items posted with some good deals. Question the £547 gaming desktop with integrated graphics?!


hot, very tempted!

Great price, 3 left!

Yeah, that "gaming" PC is nothing of the sort, you'd be looking at a £150-200 graphics card on top of that to match the CPU. Much better off with an Intel at that price point anyway, AMD are aiming more at entry-level and niche markets.

All gone. Thanks Chet, hopefully a few HUKD members got them thanks to you


Just been looking for this deal from a week or so ago, been out, come back in and missed it..all gone

Thanks for post though, maybe next time

Excellent price. Brand is a bit poor but alas, can't argue at 110.

I wonder when we'll see the next generation of netbooks at a reasonable price. These N450, A270s etc are quite old now and suck at HD decoding.

no more left...

Do not regret if you have not managed to grab one !!! The deal would be great if Currys (DSG group - Currys,TechGuys,PCWorld,Dixons,Equanet,Microwarehouse/Macrowarehouse/Pixmania) was not involved in selling these.It 's VERY,very unlikely the netbooks will be free from faults and capable of working properly.

You realise how bad is it when you will try to send the item back or get it repaired .
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Had one of these, only problem is the bottom gets scolding hot after about an hour.
I stand it on a fan/cooler now, I worry that other components inside may be getting damaged in the long run though.
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