Posted 8 September 2022

Refurb LENOVO THINKPAD T480 Ultrabook - 14" Full HD IPS - Intel Core i5-8350U - 256GB SSD - 8GB DDR4 - B Grade £198 with code @ ITZOO

£198£219.9910% off
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About this deal

For whoever missed out on the previous deal, (this is also slightly cheaper). Don't forget to use code LOVEVOUCHER_10KNOJI10 at checkout to bring the price down.

  • Grade: B
  • Brand & Model: Lenovo ThinkPad T480
  • Processor: Core i5 i5-8350U 1.7GHz
  • Screen: 14" 1920 x 1080
  • Memory: 8GB DDR4 RAM
  • Storage: 256GB SSD
  • Optical Drive: None
  • Graphics: Intel Corporation UHD Graphics 620
  • Input Device: QWERTY UK Keyboard (non-backlit)
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Home
  • Wireless: Yes
  • Webcam: Yes
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Fingerprint Reader: No
  • Ports: 3 USB 3.0 / 3.1 Gen1, 1 HDMI, 1 DisplayPort, 1 Kensington Lock, 1 Docking Station Port, Audio Connections: combo audio in/out, 3.5 mm jack, Card Reader: SD/SDHC/SDXC, Reader, Brightness Sensor
  • Warranty: 12 Months

Also available at £225 with 16GB of RAM (and maybe with backlit keyboard, not sure, better ask them before ordering).
ITZOO More details at ITZOO
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    Looks decent price. Just this sentence is holding me back
    "Grade B laptop screens may feature uneven light diffusion in the screen and may feature blemishes & marks" I don't know what to expect..
    Someone posted a picture of a damaged screen from a unit they received the last time they did this deal. It was also a 'grade b'. The IPS screens cost around £50 so the costs mount up pretty quick depending on components which may actually need replacing.

    edit: this thread

    I have enquired about getting pictures confirming the condition of the machines they sell and they have refused requests to do so on past occasions. (edited)
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    Mine is delivered. Clean outer casing, though keyboard is reprayed / re-charactered to make it UK specific. Haven't opened it up or tested battery life yet, but doesn't seem to be windows 11 compatible just yet (may be a settings issue).
    Mine wasn't Win 11 ready out the box either. Something about Secure Boot and another setting that weren't enabled. In the end I just created a Win 10 install on a USB stick and did a clean install. That fixed it and the update to Win 11 popped up. Didn't take long to do.

    The Lenovo Vantage app will find any drivers etc that Windows misses.
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    Been using an ITZOO T480 for a bit and done a bunch of upgrades to it.
    - New keyboard
    - Dual pipe heatsink / fan
    - Glass touchpad
    - Upgraded screen

    and all I can say is, it's an awesome laptop. Very worthy upgrade over my x220. Just don't buy a keyboard from eBay because they were all absolute garbage. Ended up ordering one from Aliexpress and had no issues whatsoever.

    It's incredible that one can get a laptop like this for <£200 tbh. (edited)
    @Crosshash Can you share links of the parts you bought please? I would be very much interested in some of the upgrades.
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    Ok mine arrived today some notes,
    * Firmware was not updated to latest version (you should do this to avoid thunderbolt hardware failure)
    * Repainted keyboard is OK it has that repainted smell like the old blockbusters stores, might swap out later
    * Came with 45w charger even though I asked for a 65w one
    * SSD was actually m.2 NVME mounted on 2.5'' caddy
    * panel is IPS but probably only about 250nits
    * batteries ok around 70%+ of original capacities48234165-OLnJO.jpg
    if you're looking to upgrade the nvme I think these are limited to gen 1 or 2 about a quarter of the speeds of the latest gen 4 standard
    Are you refreshing the thermal paste, or did that look ok / look like it's been done by itzoo prior to posting out?
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    Code is no longer working for me - "Enter a valid discount code". Think it may of expired.
    Sign up to the newsletter, and they will send you a code for 10% off (edited)
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    Interesting. I have the previous gen T470 that I paid a similar amount for earlier in the year. Seems the biggest improvement with the T480 is the move to next gen quad core where the T470 was dual core cpu.

    Fantastic laptops for general/business use.
    double the cores, huge improvements on multi-tasking performance, 8th gen intel laptop cpus are really solid
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    how do you know these are IPS? website doesn't specify
    All the full HD panels on the T480 are IPS/WVA only.
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    I presently have a T410 does anyone know if T480 will fit on to the same docking station ? Thanks
    No, the T480 uses a new proprietary docking connector, and you can also use the usb-c port with a number of generic docking stations.
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    Got this when on offer last time. Was pretty scuffed up including the screen. Wrote in to them about my dissatisfaction and sent pics. They agreed it was more wear and tear than expected of a grade B item and promptly made arrangements to send a replacement. 2nd one was in excellent condition and am very happy with it.

    Their instructions to send back wasnt very clear, in fact it wasnt given at all, i wrongly assumed I could send afterwards at my own convenicnece. Was a bit of a mad dash that morning, luckily i had a late start at work. So if you have to return, make sure to delete all your personal files, and package it up (but not taped up), ready for exchange with delivery person, who will need to take a picture of the laptop before accepting returns package.
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    Received mine and looks in very good condition with resprayed keyboard as others pointed out, I upgraded windows from home to professional, now will try to update it to windows 11, just wondering if anyone received a charger or power brick with their laptop? My laptop just came bubble wrapped and no charger or anything else.
    There should be a charger. Mine came with a Lenovo branded 65w one.

    My experience with ITZoo's after sales service had been great so far. I'm sure they'll sort you out.
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    If anyone found any cheap RAM for this laptop please share the info, I am thinking of upgrading the total RAM to 16GB
    Use hwinfo and check which one you have already installed and get the one with same speed. People here using cex for used rams
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    Upgrading from Home to Pro: as others mentioned they upgraded by going in to “about this pc”. For me it was asking to pay £119 and was also asking to login via microsoft account. I don’t use microsoft account instead use a local account. Therefore that could be one of the reasons I wasn’t able to upgrade. Anyhow, there are 2 ways you can upgrade to pro. 1): if you want to stay on windows 10. 2): if you want to upgrade to windows 11. In either case you will have to create a bootable disk using media creation tool. Which ever version you want to stay on, make a bootable disk for that; boot via usb and clean install. It will by default install pro. For windows 11, I would suggest a 16gb ram else stay on windows 10

    I’m pretty ok with the screen and touchpad. Will only be upgrading the ram, storage and backlit keyboard. Rest is all good (edited)
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    Update to Windows 10 Pro was streamlined and very easy and took less than 2minutes.
    Here is what mine now shows
    I updated critical updates prior to installation, I also installed Lenovo Vantage although that is not needed.
    Steps for windows 10 home to pro were, then go to about PC, look lower down and if it shows "Windows 10 Home" lower down there will be an option to check for software updates, click on that and it should take you to Microsoft and check for updates and Home 10 pro should be shown.
    As the PC had it installed before it was a seamless update and didn't even need no registrations.
    I think it is more seamless if you have activated your Hotmail on Microsoft first as from experience, doing that identifies updates more quickly and makes the installation more streamlined
    Hope this helps some others to update where possible.
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    Or this for about £145 ?

    Dell Latitude 5480 14" - Intel Core i5-7300U - 16GB RAM - 256GB SSD
    Nope, trust me, you'll wish you'd spend the extra £53 in the future. Intel went from 2 to 4 cores on their i5 series when they jumped from gen 7 to gen 8 laptop CPUs: notebookcheck.net/825…tml. Massive difference in performance.
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    Deal has re-alived for those who missed out.
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    This one is sold out. Is there a link to the 16gb version?
    @glld Back in stock if still interested!
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    Would this be able to run football manager??? I don't need a gaming laptop or the expense of one
    Yes. I've got a laptop with an i7-7700HQ which is not too disimalar to this one and I am playing FM22 with 6 playable leagues and about 90000 players loaded.

    You may have to compromise on the graphics and the number of leagues, but should be plenty fast other than that.
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    8350U supports windows 11
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    Nice find, cheapest it's been for the UK keyboard I think. Genuinely believe this may be the best laptop you can buy under £200.
    I bought an XPS 9370 from eBay two weeks ago for a little less than this, having used both I prefer the XPS for the sheer portability. But I would be happy to pick one of these up for <£200.
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    Anonymous User
    This is a good laptop if you prefer a good keyboard. I was working with a few ThinkPad models recently and the T480 and T490 keyboards had a better feel than the newer models. (edited)
    No hack needed
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    I bought one on the earlier deal; the condition was nearly new and it is an excellent basic machine. 256GB will be a bit low for some but there is an SD card slot and room to install another hard drive if needed.
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    Wondering if I should buy this or something else for between £350 and £400. Any recommendations within that price band or is this just much more bang for buck? Just wondering what alternatives people can suggest?
    I was in the same predicament and went for this as now I have some money to throw around on upgrades. The build quality and value on this laptop wont be matched by something new until you get in the 600+ range imo
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    Thanks for the heads-up this is back in stock. Missed out last time. not this time
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    That's better, just waiting for the new 400nit panel to complete the upgrades48351387-ZvhOh.jpg
    Looks good, mine should be arriving today. If all is in good shape I’ll order some ram.
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    Mine arrived today , its as new to be honest, thanks to the op fantastic deal !
    You are welcome!
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    Upgrades complete! The screens have always been the weakest component of the thinkpad series. I wouldn't be happy paying £1500+ upwards and having such a bad stock screen back in 2018. It just leaves the worn touchpad but I might just put a sticker over it.48366263-yvFn5.jpg
    How much is all that?
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    I just ordered one with 7% TCB
  28. Avatar
    Have some heat.
  29. Avatar
    Heat. Perfect for anyone sending someone off to University this month!
  30. Avatar
    Thanks OP ordered one after reading all the positive feedback
  31. Avatar
    The 16gb ram oos now! Is it easy to upgrade?
    I have T14 model and that was literally unscrew at the back and the cover just pulls away. Easy as pie.
  32. Avatar
    This is now back in stock as is the 16gb version (which I've just ordered 🕺🏻)
    I noticed this last night and bought the 8gb, both look to be oos again now!
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    I forgot to mention, I think Itzoo could be monitoring Hotukdeals as my LENOVO T480 laptop fan is running silent, so think they may now be cleaning the fans out as part of the refurb process, which they seem to have missed before.
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    Mine arrived yesterday in great shape.
    How’s the performance? Is it quite speedy to boot up etc? 
  35. Avatar
    Thank you. I have ordered one! Have used this company before for a cheap Dell desktop and was impressed with the service last time.
  36. Avatar
    Thanks OP. I have gone on to purchase this.
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    Received mine today. As above - resprayed keyboard but in excellent condition overall. No complaints whatsoever. Upgraded to Windows 11 easily after tweaking Bios to enable TPM and Secure Boot.
    Any negative effects changing secure boot and TPM in the BIOS?

    Once windows 11 is installed, can you reverse the changes for secure boot and TPM back to what they were set to without any issues?
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    Mine arrived on Monday, have to say generally excellent condition. Battery even seems decent. I will put some more RAM in (that's en route) and I'm considering whacking a new SSD in, but seems a very good machine for £200. I'm going to use it as a work laptop.
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    Mine in good condition. Some of the function keys didn't work. Lenovo website found the correct keyboard drivers. Very happy!
    Changed bios to TPM 2 using F12 at boot. Microsoft recognised it was win 11 compatible but still failed to install it. So, downloaded Rufus & used an ISO of win 11 on a pendrive, Rufus asks if you want to circumvent win 11 check on install, awesome. Hit enter on computer, I think, at splash screen, boot from pen drive. Bob's your uncle. Win 11 no problems. I had to update the keyboard driver & chose to update other drivers/firmware from Lenovo site. Uses awesome detect my product & finds correct updates. (edited)
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    Was delivered today.
    Pretty impressed with the condition but it seems that the furtherest left USB C port does not work for charging. The second USB C port on left side (part of the thunder port) works and charges fine.
    I think the non-charging first usb c port should be able to charge too. Could someone check on their machine for me.
    Port failure, they're both supposed to charge. It's a hardware failure caused by bad firmware send it back.