Refurb Samsung G600 on O2 Network @ £99.99
Refurb Samsung G600 on O2 Network @ £99.99

Refurb Samsung G600 on O2 Network @ £99.99

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Newbie here, so please be nice.

Spotted this great deal on the Samsung G600 at O2. I think I'll be getting one.


dont forget quidco

Granted it is a better quality camera phone but i do think the £99 iphone deal is better.

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Ooooo IPhone! Where from, lol? Your making me change my mind....

Wasn't this £89 before?


How can you compare this to the Iphone deal????

The iphone is £100 plus £35 month for 18 months meaning you have spent £730 over the term of the contract NOT including any extra calls or texts you make outside of your tariff.

This phone is £99 FULL stop. It is PAYG, no contract, nothing else at all.

You can pickup the U600 for £130 quid

Well if you do you're being ripped off lol

you can get a new one at the o2 shop for £119.99 if you trade in an old handset but you have to top up £10 aswell so £129.99 in total. got myself one this weekend!


You can pickup the U600 for £130 quid

You can actually pick up the U600 for £69 & that's still £68.99 too much. Believe me, I've got one but it's in for repair again at the moment along with a lot of other people's.

Ive had the G600 for about 6 mths now, love the phone but the camera isn't as good as i expected.

As these are refurbished, are they unlocked?

yes. these are unlocked. i bought one of these when o2 was selling them for 89.99 earlier this month. they come with a charger and 1gb micro sd card. there were no scratches or anything on the phone and it looks new.

camera is really disappointing. not good for taking pictures of moving objects. otherwise a very good phone for this price.
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