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Posted 25 October 2022

Refurbished 11-inch iPad Pro Wi-Fi 128GB - Space Grey (2nd Generation) £469 @ Apple

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Saving of £180 down from £649

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Apple Certified Refurbished Products

  • Quality products at great prices
  • Rigorous refurbishment process prior to sale
  • Covered by Apple’s one-year limited warranty
  • Covered by Apple’s 14-day returns policy
  • AppleCare product can be purchased
  • Engraving and gift wrap not available for refurbished products
  • Supplies are limited


Liquid Retina Display.

Try to find a more advanced mobile display. We’ll wait.The edge-to-edge Liquid Retina display is not only gorgeous and immersive, but also features incredibly advanced technologies. Like ProMotion, True Tone and industry‑leading colour accuracy, which make everything feel responsive and look stunning. Quite simply, this combination of features make it the world’s most advanced mobile display.


Think you know iPad cameras? Think deeper.Advanced cameras combined with a large display, fast performance and highly calibrated sensors have always made iPad uniquely capable. The Wide and new Ultra Wide cameras help you frame the perfect photo or video. And together with studio‑quality mics and four speaker audio, you can even set up a multicamera filmmaking rig.

LiDAR scanner.

LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is used to determine distance by measuring how long it takes light to reach an object and reflect back. It is so advanced, it’s being used by NASA for the next Mars landing mission. And it’s now been engineered to fit in the thin and light iPad Pro. The custom-designed LiDAR Scanner uses direct time of flight to measure reflected light from up to five metres away, both indoors and out. It works at the photon level, operates at nanosecond speeds and opens up tremendous possibilities for augmented reality and beyond.

Augmented Reality.

On the new iPad Pro, AR apps become even more realistic. Placing an AR object now happens instantly. Realistic object occlusion allows AR objects to pass in front of and behind real-world structures. Improved motion capture and people occlusion are more accurate than ever. And developers will be able to create even more immersive experiences.

Shoot and edit.

The pro camera system makes iPad Pro incredibly versatile. Shoot, edit and share a 4K video, all on the same device. Capture an entire room in one shot with the Ultra Wide camera and use Markup to redesign it on the spot. Or scan a document, sign or mark it up with Apple Pencil, then send back your notes with a tap.

TrueDepth camera.

The front-facing TrueDepth camera enables Face ID, the world’s most secure facial authentication in a tablet — and in a computer. It also means you can chat with friends using FaceTime, take Portrait selfies or liven up your Messages conversations by turning yourself into an Animoji.


Faster than you can say PC.A12Z Bionic. With the A12Z Bionic chip, iPad Pro is so fast it outpaces most PC laptops available today. It makes everything you do fast and fluid, from your everyday tasks to graphics-intensive workflows. And the 8-core graphics processor means even more performance and realism for the apps and games where it matters most.

Pro workflow.

A12Z Bionic is designed to be put to work, especially with pro apps. The 8‑core graphics processor delivers fluid performance for things like 4K video editing, 3D design and augmented reality. Enhanced thermal design means higher peak and longer sustained performance — critical for pro workflows. And the Apple‑designed Neural Engine enables on‑device machine learning ready for the next generation of pro apps.


iPadOS is designed to harness the power and performance of iPad Pro. Lightning‑fast hardware and powerful software were designed in concert to make every interaction snappy and smooth. Which makes working with multiple apps at once and moving between spaces quick and effortless.


  • Refurbished iPad Pro with Wi-Fi
  • USB-C Charge Cable (1 metre)
  • 20W USB-C Power Adapter
  • Documentation

YouTube - Product Review

Help & Information

Apple Store More details at Apple Store
Community Updates
Originally released March 2020

Wi-Fi (802.11ax)

Bluetooth 5.0 technology

11-inch Liquid Retina display

12-megapixel iSight camera

FaceTime HD camera

1080p HD video recording

A12Z Bionic chip with 64-bit architecture

Neural Engine

10-hour battery life

Multi-Touch screen

471 grams (1.04 pounds) and 5.9 mm (0.23 inches)
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  1. Avatar
    In case anyone is wondering, as i was, it’s the 2020 model with A12Z processor.
    Pretty much the same as the 2018 model with the A12X processor. (edited)
  2. Avatar
    Wow, it amazes me that Apple tablets have to state Wi-fi in 2022
    WIFI is stated because it distinguishes what wireless connectivity the iPad supports.

    WIFi written on its own means it can only connect to a broadband wirelessly when it is close by for example.

    WIFI + Celluar means the iPad has WIFI capabilities but also you can insert a sim into it and use a paid network service provider like a mobile anywhere without having to tether your phone.
  3. Avatar
    I ordered this same one (in silver) on Saturday evening and it arrived yesterday, Monday morning. Working super well so far! Just a kick in the teeth coming from an older model with a ‘gen 1’ pencil and having to fork out £140 for the ‘gen 2’ to go with the iPad. But having said that, wow what an upgrade the magnetic charging is. Everything is just better, coming from the 2017 model with the home button. Was waiting to upgrade to whatever was newest this year, but seeing the lack of exciting upgrades (& that price !!) i’m more than happy with this one a great deal.
    Answers my question of this is the apple pencil 2!
  4. Avatar
    Bought one of these last week as my Pro 10.5 battery is getting a bit poor, the price hikes, and I have a couple of things to try out the LIDAR scanner with. Really nice to have FaceID on my iPad too. £190 for the old one at Handtec and not spending £99 on a battery replacement means I can justify it as a £180 upgrade. I don't do anything heavy enough to think about M1s right now.

    Anyone annoyed about the gen1 to gen2 pencil cost - try one of the cheap clones, if your pen use is like mine, basic writing and the odd sketch, then they work great, charge on USB-C rather than magnetic but they do still magnet to the case. I got one from Amazon for £20 (it's like the jamjake one below) and it suits my needs fine.

    Thanks kiteless . Hows it running nowa week on ...like a dream ?
  5. Avatar
    Purchased Monday 10pm and arrived by mid-day on Tuesday. Sealed in box with accessories. Fantastic bit of kit48529306-UzNcv.jpg48529306-h0zij.jpg48529306-oinGp.jpg
    Nice! What OS is it?
  6. Avatar
    I picked up a 256gb cellular gen 3 with M1 chip for 450 on eBay, mint condition, just keep an eye out on there!
    Just be aware, there’s a chance a ‘cellular’ version is still tied to a contract. If the original owner stops paying the contract, the device becomes blacklisted.
  7. Avatar
    Save your money for heating!
  8. Avatar
    Worth the extra £110 for bigger screen and double memory but original post also a good deal if that’s what you are after.
    I believe this is the previous generation though, so the 2018 model with 4GB of ram vs 6GB, etc etc. Still a good deal though if you need the larger display!
  9. Avatar
    Makes much more sense to buy this than a brand new entry level iPad which doesn’t support 2nd gen Apple Pencil and doesn’t have a laminated display and anti reflective coating for £500
    Or Promotion display. And less storage.
  10. Avatar
    Just be careful as this model unlike previous years pro’s uses PWM so some people may notice a screen flicker
    PWM ?
  11. Avatar
    Makes for a better device than the new 10th gen iPad and imo better than the iPad Air because of the better display.

    A12z is still a great chip for the majority of people
    Thanks moooof . I've been over analysing bloody hours over returning this and getting the iPad Air , reviews do say the iPad Pro is a better range overall , is that right ? Just wondering why then the iPad Air is £100 dearer , £469 v £569?

    This A12z although not a M1 chip the iPad Air has is pretty powerful they say
  12. Avatar
    Just to confirm that these are still in stock and anyone wondering about warranty - you get 12 months Apple warranty and you also have the option for AppleCare from the first 60 days you purchase just as you would if you purchased a brand new iPad so all in all a cracking deal for me - they also upgrade to iPad 16.1 upon installation although I had to connect to Mac to install mine as there was a glitch with downloading - hope this helps
  13. Avatar
    Is this 2nd gen?
    Read the title.
  14. Avatar
    Probably best to wait for the M1 to come to the refurbished store, unless u urgently need one now ofc
  15. Avatar
    Decent price, crazy that Apple priced their new entry level iPad with 64gb of storage at £499! (edited)
  16. Avatar
    I ordered one off the back of the price hikes for current models. Was ready to move away from iPads but this deal pulled me back in.

    Turned up next morning and in “as new” condition.
    I was in a similar position, and bought one of these. It's all you need for years, realistically.
  17. Avatar
    Does Anyone know what ios these will come at and if they can be jailbroken?
    Jailbreaking?? Are we back in 2010 or do people still do this?
  18. Avatar
    I do not need one. one like equals one will power
  19. Avatar
    I'm hoping for some 3rd Generation iPad Pro 11 models with the M1 chip to start appearing in the Certified Refurbished store now that the 4th generation has been released.
    Same here. Want to use with a thunderbolt dock for external devices.
  20. Avatar
    Tempted by this but my 2017 10.5 pro is perfectly usable and not missed a beat … will I notice much of an upgrade?
    It's an Apple device, so you won't notice much difference until 5 generations later (edited)
  21. Avatar
    I have this iPad and see no reason to upgrade. Worth noting that the microphones in this are probably the best out there (better than the M1/M2 ones by far) however Sonos don't support it for trueplay as a result!
    do you mean speakers (not microphones) ?
  22. Avatar
    Got this a couple of Black Fridays ago from Amazon Warehouse (like new) for just over £400. Difficult to see why anyone who just does a bit of browsing or media consumption could need anything better.
  23. Avatar
    I ordered the first gen 11 inch on a similar deal a few years ago . Cracking bit of kit works as if it was day one still
    cool and this second gen!! yipeee cant wait Mr Postman
  24. Avatar
    Did I remember correctly that only M1 iPad can have multiple apps opening on the same screen? Thanks.
    Don't think so. They can all multitask.
  25. Avatar
    Bought one of these last week when I saw the price increases Apple announced. This refurbished model had been £549 for months so when it was reduced to £469 - seemed like a good idea. Thought about a M1 air or waiting for a cheap M1 pro but couldn’t really justify the extra cash. Never bought into the idea that an iPad can be a laptop replacement so this is more than powerful enough for me for now.

    Nice upgrade over my old 9.7” pro. The high, variable, refresh rate screen is gorgeous - glad I didn’t go for the Air. (edited)
  26. Avatar
    1.7% TCB as well. Every little helps...
  27. Avatar
    Bought a MacBook and an iPad both refurbished off Apple,both came in as new condition with 12 month warranty,will certainly buy via this route again,very happy with both purchases.
    Did you also purchase Apple Care + ?
  28. Avatar
    Not compatible with this iPad (2020 Pro).
  29. Avatar
    Very tempted by this. Want to get back into my artists game and do some ProCreate.. this one can use the 2nd gen pencil, right?
    Or is the screen a bit too small, as I see they have the 12.9 3rd gen in the refurb store as well... hmmm
  30. Avatar
    Does this support stage manager?
    Google's your friend bro.
  31. Avatar
    This model uses PWM to lower the brightness, some may be sensitive to the flicker..
  32. Avatar
    Purchased one yesterday around 9pm and received it at 10am this morning. Very fast and free delivery from apple. I can't say the difference between refurbished and new one. Packed like new one. I white box with all accessories.
    Purchased one late Wednesday nite and its being delivered today. My mobile phone guy reckons Apples refurbished stock is a bit shaky so that wasnt very re-assuring , hope he's wrong.

    What are the accessories you get Damian ?...No pencil in there was there lol
  33. Avatar
    After being perplexed about the generations not going in order I’ve just ordered this one and left all the others alone
    Ditto ....Then the iPad Air John Lewis deal dropped and all chaos loomed large for me!..lol

    Anyway I decided what with buying a case , pencil etc this buy will end up around £600 squid!
  34. Avatar
    Am tempted…, currently run an iPad 6th gen, guessing will see a marked improvement.
    The 6th and 7th gen iPads have the A10. This has the A12Z so should be a lot better but probably not hugely when compared to the M1. Still good though.

  35. Avatar
    128G?!!!!! Please don’t
    What's wron with 128GB?
  36. Avatar
    I have this since it was launched and it is a great bit of kit, cannot justify upgrading from it yet.
  37. Avatar
    A handy comparison of this version (gen 2), the 2021 version (gen 3) and the new 2022 (gen 4) version: apple.com/uk/…gen

    Tbf for almost half the price of the new gen I'd go for this. It'll do 99% of what you'd be able to do on the new one just as well as it for half the price and still supplied by Apple with a warranty. Cracking deal.
    The 2020 Pro doesn’t have thunderbolt.
  38. Avatar
    Good deal. Ordered one for my wife.
    Added heat.
  39. Avatar
    Hopefully the 3rd Gen with M1's start to go up on Apple Refurb soon.
  40. Avatar
    Did anyone also purchase AppleCare + ?
    No I resisted
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