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Refurbished 14-inch MacBook Pro Apple M1 Pro Chip with 8‑Core CPU and 14‑Core GPU - £1459 @ Apple

£1,459£1,79919% off
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Apple announced their M2 Pro and M2 Max 14" and 16" MacBook Pros today. In response, Apple further reduced the price of their old models on their refurbished store. The new laptops are a relatively minor improvement for the base model, making this fantastic value. Don't forget to go through TopCashback for a possible 2% back.

Space Grey linked, but Silver also available here.
Apple Store More details at Apple Store
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    Is simple language how much slower is this compared to the new m2 chip 10 seconds?
    At least 69 seconds slower but no more than 420
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    Probably worth waiting for reviews on the new machines to see if it's worth paying extra or buying the refurb
    I would typically agree, however, the uplift in price from this refurb to a comparative new model is £690. We already saw the jump from the standard M1 to M2 was mild. Even when extrapolated out, it seems like a lot to pay for a minor bump in performance. If you really need the performance, you're unlikely to be considering the base model anyway.
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    Is this good for web browsing and doing emails
    Better a MacBook Air- the price difference is huge for only browsing and emails.
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    Can anyone advise please what the MB Pro has that the MB Air doesn't?
    Better Screen
    More powerful M1 chip
    More Memory
    More Storage
    More Ports
    Better Camera
    Bigger Battery

    But the reality if you are not doing significant amounts of editing and processing large image/video then the new MB Airs pack all the punch you need.
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    This refurbished Mac Pro has 8 core cpu and 14 core gpu. New Mac Pro with same memory and storage options has 10 core cpu and 16 core gpu. Could be significant for a specialist needed that extra processing power. But the price difference reflects that (edited)
    This model was £1800 new. The m2 model starts in at £2149. Big jump
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    Still expensive for refurbished, but ok price for the performance.
    There’s a big difference between Apple factory refurbs and things you might find on eBay!
    These are indistinguishable from new condition and with full Apple warranty, just in a plain box.
    If you are lucky an eBay refurb might have been cleaned with an antibacterial cleaner…

    Buying an Apple factory refurb is usually an excellent deal. Just beware that they don’t tend to mark down products as they get older, making some rather old models uncompetitive with the new stuff!
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    £1407.94 if you use Blue Light Card and buy three discounted Apple gift cards. Then 2% cashback from TCB. So saves about a further £16.
    Can I ask how you achieved this? Apple don't appear to offer a Blue Light discounted gift card
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    Bluetooth 5.0 vs 5.3
    Wifi 6 vs 6E

    real life difference?
    How do you say "next to zero" politely without sounding dismissive?
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    FWIW today's new MBP apparently can send surround sound over HDMI, which may be important to some.
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    This here is the best news today from Apple.
    The new mini is £50 cheaper too ;-)
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    You must be having a laugh! I bought a brand new 16” for £2k.
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    Same machine, all you get in the refreshed one is about 20% better performance, everything else is the same. This MacBook is still well worth this price. Apple refurbs always look brand new and have the same warranty as buying a new one. Usually they are just an unused customer return.
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    This is a great price for a great laptop. The M2Pro variant is going to be almost £700 more for very little improvement. Even if you use the edu store it's going to be almost £500 more. These refurbished models are effectively brand new and completely mint so I think this is a great deal.
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    Had mine since day 1, love it. If you decide to get one, DEFINITELY get AppleCare+. Partner spilled tea over the keyboard recently and without it would have cost £599, but with, was only £79.
    would have expected both prices to be higher, its £800 just for display replacement
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    Crazy prices for this bit of kit and performance. Definitely consider your options strongly before biting the bullet on this product.
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    Seriously, what does it do for that kind of money? Does it sing? Does it dance? Is it made of gold and diamonds? Don't get me wrong, I like apple stuff but this is unreal.
    My reasons for buying macbooks are:
    1. Security - MacOS is built on UNIX. Number one reason. I actually prefer using Windows, plus it's cheap and more widely supported. But that's why I have a windows laptop on the side for those specific instances. But I won't trust it with my most important data
    2. Part of the Apple ecosystem. Integrates perfectly with everything else I own in the Apple ecosystem
    3. Apple silicon. It's the best - ultra fast and great battery life. For travellers or hardcore users, this is big and raises efficiency, which gives payback many times over.

    Other solid reasons include better resale, still function really well after many years of usage, solid user support.

    I consider the higher price more than worth paying for the benefits I can leverage. All this being said, I'm sure Windows does a fine job too. I just bite the bullet and cough up the coin because it gives me "ROI"
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    Every time I play with the keyboard and trackpad I am put off. The feedback just doesn’t feel right. It feels like a downgrade from my surface laptop.
    Mac has the best trackpad ever. And the latest keyboard is decent. Way better than the previous butterfly switches
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    18 silver and 94 space grey left
    if you don't mind me ask - how do you figure that out?
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    Ordered Space Grey. Alternative for me was the Mac Mini M2 Pro for the same money, but obviously for desktop only use. (edited)
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    Seems the silver is now OOS, ordered the space grey. Compared to a higher spec M2 Air this seems like too good a deal to pass up.
    Both seem to be in stock at the moment. Ordered space grey anyway as it looks better to me.

    I was considering the air for the weight saving but a couple hundred £ more for the far superior 14 pro seems a no brainer. Better screen, processor etc.
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    Ummed and ahhhed for too long, went to purchase tonight and looks like sold out. Any likelihood the refurbished products come back in stock?
    They will be back regularly I would have imagined as M2 approaches.
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    Seems OOS now?