Refurbished 8gb Ipod Touch £119 - Apple + 3% Quidco

Refurbished 8gb Ipod Touch £119 - Apple + 3% Quidco

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Multi-touch display
Safari web browser
Built-in Wi-Fi
Holds up to 1,750 songs
Up to 22 hours of music playback
Up to 5 hours of video playback
4.2 ounces (120g)
4.3 x 2.4 x 0.31 inches(11.0 x 6.18 x 0.8 cm)
Apple Earphones
USB cable
Dock adapter


For all those people who missed out on a new 16GB one from Argos at £123-138?

The Apple refurbs did look good value until that offer appeared. Amazing how perceptions can change. Not voted cold 'cos it is still decent, but can't exactly vote hot either.

Also have 32Gb for £235 but dont say if 1st or 2nd gen. If 2nd hot if not cold.As it does not say can only assume 1st.Defo first as battery life is 22hrs. 2nd gen is about 36. So cold


Got one last time it was posted
great price and was like new when it arrived
voted hot

1st gen?

at least the 1st gen is compatible with the majority of docks available at the moment (charging wise)
that would be one of the biggest booms for me.

Out of stock.

Argos deal was better (£10-£20 extra for double the memory)
but when I looked on Friday every store I tried was out of stock.

The Apple store seems to get stock on a regular basis.

Also if you get one you can get the V2 upgrade for free if you look around.


Out of stock.

Back in stock for £119.00 :thumbsup:

The refurb on offer at Apple here is [size=3]1st Gen[/size].

People posting iPod Touch deals really should include this info by default in the deal post itself. The argos deal thread for the 16Gb went 20 pages (about 75% of which were questions about the 1st/2nd gen) before a mod amended the title to include 1st gen.



Argos deal is better.

WAS better...its expired so dont judge this deal on that one as its no longer available in most if not all argos stores.

Voted hot OP.


Available again (thanks for report). I've added direct link & image, let us know if there are any problems, thanks :thumbsup:

Out of stock
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