Refurbished Creative MP3 Players - Zen 4/30/60GB

Refurbished Creative MP3 Players - Zen 4/30/60GB

Found 7th Mar 2008
Creative have some more stock in their refurbished shop. Theyve got the Zen Vision M 30GB for £90.99 and the 60GB for £117.78. You cant even pick up a used 60GB off ebay for that much, and its widely regarded as a good mp3 player. They were discontinued a while ago and I expect they will disappear quickly, especially the 60GB ones, I expect they only have a handful in stock.

They also have a 4GB Zen (the new credit card sized players) for £55.99 which seems OK and is also a good player from what Ive read (its £70 new at so not a massive saving though). They also have a large selection of Zen V players.

Delivery is included for orders over £69.98 (?!)

I know the 30GB was posted as a deal a few weeks ago, but I think this is worth a repost for the 60GB which has only just come in stock, and it's definately the best deal on there.

Feedback on Creative refurbished products has been mixed from what I remember reading here in the past. Products come with a 90 day warranty.


just be cautious....I got one of the 30G ones, 4 months later it died.. total waste of money for me

Just ordered a 60gb unit - been waiting for them to come back into stock.

I bought 3 refurb zen's over xmas for the kids, and they are all fine - looked brand new to be honest - hence voted hot from me.


Did you reset the unit?

90 day limited warranty is the big worry if you are shelling out £117 for a 60GB one.

I bought the 5GB referbed zen micro over a year ago not had a single problem. They are doing The 6GB for 34 quid plus postage. If I didnt already own one I would go for this one. Bear in mind though it doesnt come with a charger so has to be charged through your PC!
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