Refurbished DS lites for £59.95 @ Game (instore)

Refurbished DS lites for £59.95 @ Game (instore)

Found 14th Feb 2009
was at Lakeside, Essex 2 days ago and saw these at Game instore, though these are refurbished, I do think this is quite good as they had loads of them & in all colours (inc pink) and they come with a 12 month guarantee too

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Congratulations on your first post...hope it goes red hot for you can't be robbed at this price especially with the 12 month warranty. Heat and rep added for a nice find. Thanks.

I work at Game...none at my store or have we ever had refurbs...Must be store specific

Nearest thing we have to £60 is the preowned DS Phat.

I`ve Just called the Coventry branch and the Banbury branch... Who have informed me that they are in fact £89.99 preowned... and £99.99 brand new...
Hardly £60...

Voted Cold

The website shows DS Lite preowned @ £89.99 and DS (non Lite) @ £59.99. Cold from me. I am never sure what refurb means, as in all likelihood they have done nothing to the returned/used unit!

Refurbs on these could be returned consoles that had the broken hinge and a new case put on them. I am sure Nintendo were accepting returns on broken hinges as it was a design fault, so they will have had a lot of refurbished stock to get rid of at one point.


Ignore that post, a blonde moment, they would have just replaced the case and returned the same console back to the owner. Doh!!!
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