Refurbished Grade A2 Samsung Chromebook in Silver with Google Chrome OS - A2/XE550C22-A01 £149.98 @ Laptops Direct

Refurbished Grade A2 Samsung Chromebook in Silver with Google Chrome OS - A2/XE550C22-A01 £149.98 @ Laptops Direct

Found 14th Dec 2014
Refurbished Chromebook
Grade A2 - Minor Cosmetic Damage

The second generation Samsung 5 550 Chromebook takes the same great cloud-based services and makes them even more responsive with a streamlined OS, upgraded processor, better graphics and more RAM. Super-compact - you’ll experience a faster, simpler and safer web experience than everyday laptops with the benefit of cloud storage and long battery life.

Key benefits:

Your Chromebook will boot-up in seconds, with your favourite websites loading quickly and running smoothly. It even gives full support for the latest web standards and Adobe Flash. In fact, Chromebooks are designed to get faster over time as updates are released.

A 16 GB solid state hard drive and 4GB or RAM work together to give you lightning fast processing and even faster wake-up times.

As your Chromebook boots up, it’ll quickly connect to your chosen wireless network so that you're on the web right from the start.

Your apps, documents, and settings are stored safely in the cloud. So even if you lose your computer, you can just log in to another Chromebook and get right back to work.

A 1.3GHz Intel Celeron dual-core processor will ensure that you’ll be able to surf your websites without lag.

A bright 1280x800 screen will highlight the finest of details when catching up with on-demand services such as BBC iPlayer or catching up with your friends photos on Facebook.

Every Chromebook runs millions of web apps, from games to spreadsheets to photo editors. Thanks to the power of HTML5, many apps keep working even in those rare moments when you're not connected.

Intel HD 3000

integrated graphics leap beyond the first generation Chromebook to give your better graphics processing and smoother video playback.
You can easily share your Chromebook with family and friends too, individually being able to log in and experience all of their own Chrome settings, apps, and extensions, or use Guest Mode to browse privately. Either way, no one else using your Chromebook will have access to your email and personal data.

Your Chromebook gets better and better over time, unlike a traditional PC. When you turn it on, it updates itself automatically. This’ll mean all of your apps stay up-to-date, and you get the latest and greatest version of the operating system without having to think about it. No more annoying update prompts included!

Chromebooks run an operating system designed from the ground up to defend against the ongoing threat of malware and viruses. They employ the principle of defence in depth to provide multiple layers of protection, including sandboxing, data encryption, and verified boot.

3 Month Warranty

Screen size - 12.1 in - 1280 x 800 N
Processor - 867 Intel Celeron - 1.3 GHz
RAM - 4 GB
Operating System - Chrome OS
Optical Drive - N
Graphics - Intel

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