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Posted 27 September 2022

Refurbished LENOVO TABLET 10 Tablet PC, Intel N4100 Celeron - 128GB eMMC - 8GB RAM £54.99 (possibly 49.49 with sign up voucher) @ Itzoo

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

New lower price £54.99. But you can get it with 10% off by signing up for the Itzoo newsletter - despite them saying the code only works on items £75+, it works fine making this £49.49. (TCB on top to bring it down to £48 or so.)

This device is loaded with Windows 10 Pro but can be upgraded to Windows 11. Windows 10 Pro already loaded - no requirement to select the Windows 10 Pro option at checkout for an additional £30. Pictures are for illustration purposes - please refer to product spec for details. Marks on case as pictured. This tablet excludes stylus and keyboard

  • Grade: B Grade
  • Brand & Model: Lenovo Tablet 10 *Touchscreen.
  • Processor: Celeron N4100 1.1GHz
  • Screen: 10.1"
  • Memory: 8GB
  • Storage: 128 GB eMMC
  • Optical Drive: None
  • Graphics: Intel Corporation UHD Graphics
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Pro (can be upgraded to Windows 11)
  • Wireless: Yes
  • Webcam: Yes
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Fingerprint Reader: No
  • Ports: TBC
  • Warranty: 12 Months

Ports as detailed in Lenovo spec:
  • USB-C
  • USB 3.1 Type-A
  • HDMI
  • microSD™
ITZOO More details at ITZOO
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    I grabbed one of these the last time and it's alright. I upgraded it to Windows 11 and tried it out which was fine for a few browser tabs and light usage. I then decided to try Linux which was a much better experience. Finally, I settled on Chrome OS Flex which is what I'd recommend if you purchase this and intend to use it.
    I'll give flex a go on mine. Did you dual boot it?
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    I wanted to check the ports (see below) and got a better spec from Lenovo site:

    Processor - Intel® Celeron® N4100
    Operating System - Up to Windows 10 Pro
    • 10.1-inch WUXGA (1920 x 1200) antismudge, IPS, multitouch
    • 8 GB
    • 128 GB eMMC
    Graphics - Intel® Integrated GraphicsCamera
    • Rear: 5 MP
    • Front: 2 MP
    Battery - Up to 9.9 hours
    • dTPM
    • Kensington lock slot
    • Optional touch fingerprint reader
    Audio - 2 stereo speakers
    I/O (Input/Output) Ports
    • USB-C
    • USB 3.1 Type-A
    • HDMI
    • microSD™
    • Up to 2x2 AC WiFi
    • Bluetooth® 4.2
    Dimensions - (W x D x H)10.29” x 0.41” x 7.02” (261 mm x 10.6 mm x 178 mm)
    Weight - 664 g
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    The site, Itzoo is reliable? Many thanks
    Ordered 2 laptops and 2 desktops from them since 2020, no major issues. One of the laptops had a defective battery, it was swapped out. Indeed, replying to you on an HP 290 G1 I got for £90 around 4 months ago from them.
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    I got mine today but doesn't seem to be able to type think you have to have a keyboard with it not great and it's pretty heavy
    You need to go into keyboard settings and enable the option to show keyboard on screen even when not in tablet mode.
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    I ordered this yesterday, it arrived this afternoon, well packaged but in a comedically large Amazon style box.

    The tab itself is a Lenovo Tab 10 so If you're after a pen this is the one you want, tekeurope.co.uk/pro…BwE

    There is a slot in the tab for this pen that will charge it whilst being stored.

    The Tab itself looks brand new and I would think it never used, there is a fingerprint reader and a tray for an SD card, (I have a 512Gb in it).

    The power brick IS brand new and never used and is 65w USB C so maybe of use for other tech.

    I've fully charged it and I'm running YouTube on it while I type this and will keep it playing until it dies so I can get an idea as to how long the battery will last, once this is done I'll charge it with my TOPK 10000mha power bank and will update this once that's done.

    Mine looked new at the front but the back had lots of heavy scratches and the according to HWInfo64 the battery had 20% of wear. The charger was brand new.
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    I had one and returned it. It's fairly quick for what it is, browsing is great. Screen wasn't that great, bezels are massive, it's thick and heavy. It gets relatively hot around the CPU and the battery was awful compared to an android device, somethling ike 3-4 hours.

    If you want a windows tablet you can't beat it for performance/price as most are 4GB and 2-core and more expensive.

    windows as a tablet device is really clunky. If you just want to browse + watch videos you don't really want full blown windows, get android or chrome.
    I've ordered one, pretty much for YouTube in bed. I do have a tonne of old games on Steam that should run on this though, so I might get a stand if I find a couple I fancy that work well, like a Switch, pauper edition. Will need it plugged in for that though if the battery is that poor.

    8gb ram, 128gb storage and up-to-date security for £50 is something you're going to struggle finding on an Android at this price. Did you try the tablet mode in Windows 10 or use it in desktop windows? (edited)
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    Does usbc support video out?
    I have a desktop docking station that is USB c. It connects and displays on a monitor and charges at the same time.
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    These are back in stock again - just bought one for £49.49 with the newsletter signup coupon. Maybe get TCB too. Thanks OP! (edited)
    Thank you just got one, should be handy for a standalone diagnostic tablet for the car. Saves the laptop getting demolished
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    They do actually have a fingerprint reader . Finding the keyboard for less than what you'll pay for the actual tablet is a struggle though
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    Where do I get the proper keyboard for it please
    You can use any Bluetooth keyboard. I'm using this one right now:-


    You can get a case for it which doubles as a stand for the tablet.
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    Thanks T-MIC for the link to stylus. Thinking of ordering. Has anyone actually tried if it will work please.
    ive ordered it, will let you know if its a good fit when it arrives.
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    You certainly get a lot of bezel for your money
    I kinda miss a bezel... I'm definitely substance over style, and having somewhere "safe" to hold a device is *ahem* handy 😜
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    I was on the fence for days, thank goodness it sold out otherwise would have bought one today - as my OH so eloquently puts it 'another piece of crap you'll never use'' ha ha!!

    This website is a killer, it truly is.
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    I ordered this and got £10.00 off my next order
    Yes was thinking to cancel this one and reorder
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    Couldn't resist, don't necessarily need it right now, but was thinking of using it as an emulation machine.
    Sign up code worked by the way.

    Couldn't resist, don't necessarily need it right now, but was thinking of using it as an emulation machine.
    Sign up code worked, by the way. (edited)
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    Just to update the thread, mines was indeed a faulty unit. Itzoo have paid return postage and actually sent me out another one, which isn't only in better condition is actually working perfectly fine and much much faster than the last unit...would purchase again off them
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    BBB aka Big black bezel

    Big bezel energy (edited)
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    Shame the CPU on this is horrible
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    Would you recommend the windows upgrade?
    its free. i upgraded to windows 11 pro (pro lets you use RDP) so it's the latest version. works fine. haven't used it much TBH. a want rather than need item, but i have a potential use (it's easier to do certain things on a windows device than ipad and it's smaller/ligher than a laptop)
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    Top marks, just for the site.
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    If you're looking for a keyboard too would it not be cheaper and slightly better after upgrades in the long run to get this instead ? Assuming it can be upgraded ?


    If not why not ?
    Just curious. Sorry I've been out of the processor/computer scene far too long . LOL

    The first thing I noticed way that's only 4gb, so I'd give that a swerve, personally.
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    I'm only getting a 10% code off £75 orders for signing up, unless I'm missing something?..
    Sorry just reread your original post (edited)
    The Itzoo newsletter sign-up code was working fine on this last night. It says for orders over £75, but unless they stopped it working this morning, you should still get it to work.
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    can we install chrome OS on this?
    See comments above
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    where can I get a stand or case for this tablet? I don't need the keyboard, just a stand to use as a display
    Lamicall Tablet Stand, Adjustable Tablet Holder - Foldable Desktop Stand Dock Compatible with New iPad 2021 Pro 9.7, 10.5, 12.9, iPad Air mini 2 3 4 5 6, Switch, Samsung Tab, other Tablets -Black amzn.eu/d/4…C1w

    I’ve tried a lot of metal and more fancy stands for iPads but this one is by far the best I’ve ever used for actual productivity!
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    Ordered and sign up discount works thank you good for the kids to browse
    Does it need a separate keyboard to use tablet or would be be ok with touch screen
  26. Avatar
    Sold out by the looks of it.
  27. Avatar
    Damn missed it again, was going to get one for a cheap dedicated scan tool for the car 😪
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    Description says this won't have a stylus, does anyone have the model number for stylus that would fit this tablet?
    its not a tablet then it took me ages to get a refund last time with a lot of emails and replies , they can post next day, however will take at least 2 weeks to inspect the return item and issue refund. I would say they are a complet waste of time.
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    Thanks T-MiC, good information. Mine arrived and looks brand new as per my wife's photos, I'm away at the mo. She said it looks in great condition.
  30. Avatar
    Tryrig to order a kids case from eBay, can someone advise of the one to order as unsure of exact model. Thanks
    The tab itself is a Lenovo Tab 10
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    Great little device for £46 (after Topcashback). Arrived well packaged, minor scratch on top and signs of a suction cup being used to mount it at the rear. Updated to Windows 11 without any problems. Battery wear level was 2.9% on mine.
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    These are back in stock as of this morning.
  33. Avatar
    They've been in stock a few days now, ordered one at 4am and requested the deal be unexpired.
  34. Avatar
    Feedback. Got very hot, won't charge/switch on. Literally used a handful of times. Not impressed :/
  35. Avatar
    How can I return this product. It's too heavy for me. Do I need to give a reason for free returns. It's showing £9.00 cost for return
  36. Avatar
    Does anyone have a stylus pen recommendation for this tablet?
  37. Avatar
    I guess I have a faulty one, can't even run YouTube on edge browser without popping audio in and out. What a piece of crap 🤦
    Windows update happening in the background perhaps?

    As the hardware is almost certainly fine, if you feel comfortable reinstalling Windows, the Lenovo site can create reinstallation media to fully reset the machine.
    I linked to the relevant webpage in the other thread:
    hotukdeals.com/com…389 (edited)
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    Another question has anyone else got one that somehow only has 4gb of ram?
    What model does the Lenovo website identify yours as?

    It should be 20L4. (specifically 20L4S06M00) (edited)