Refurbished Samsung Netbook Laptop N145 Windows 7 250GB Webcam Intel Atom £83.99 @ thetechyteam eBay

Refurbished Samsung Netbook Laptop N145 Windows 7 250GB Webcam Intel Atom £83.99 @ thetechyteam eBay

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Found 25th May 2016
Im on the lookout for a basic cheap netbook to use on holidays and found this on amazon and beay but its cheaper on ebay plus it also has free delivery.

Its no world beater in terms of performance but i hate using tablets and the spec's will more than suffice for me to get some work done whilst traveling.

Intel Atom 1.67Ghz
1GB Ram
250GB Hard Drive
Fast Wireless Network Built In
1GB Fast Wired Network Adapter Built in
2 x USB 2 Ports
10.1" Screen In Good condition

Ill see what performance is like once i get it but i think ill upgrade it to 2GB. Should only work out at about £8 for a 2GB memory stick from ebay too.

The reviews on amazon seem good with 4/5 for most of the listings when it was new and no doubt a whole lot more expensive.
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1gb ram, gonna be sloooooowww!
I wouldn't buy this .... these I think are the old atoms - slow!
plus, most reviews are from 2012.....
My smartphone has 3 times the amount of RAM as this...
Bought one a couple of years ago
it was very very slow and thats with XP.
They came and . . . . . went

Get yourself a proper laptop with an i3 and above processor
False economy with tablets available around the £50-60 mark and full on hybrid devices not much more.

Single core, none touch, low resolution, mechanical drive and bulky.
I have this exact netbook and this is really not what you need. It is old and very slow. Windows was never any good on it and upgrading it to 2GB doesn't make it much better. It's better with a more lightweight Linux OS installed, but still pretty painful.

You probably should be looking for a refurbished Chromebook instead...
I have this one as well. it crawls with windoze 7 on it. Not that much faster with Lubuntu. Sorry but a waste of money.
Looks like its back to the drawing board for me then!
Noooooooo! Been lurking on the frontpage for months but had to comment. You can get a 2nd gen i5 laptop for that price if you look carefully, my Dell E6220 (12", 7x+ faster CPU - i3 2330M) was only £39.99 and my ThinkPad X220 (12", 10x+ faster CPU - i5 2550M) was £64.
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