Regatta Hiking Boots @ Regatta Outlet - £23.95 (Inc Del)

Regatta Hiking Boots @ Regatta Outlet - £23.95 (Inc Del)

Found 20th Nov 2015
Just bought a pair of these - quite a few sizes still available - it's £20 but at the P&P charge
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Thanks, just ordered and used Quidco.

Needed some cheap DIY/cycling winter shoes to be destroyed by winter and keep the good stuff for spring/summer.

Might have to dump the blue laces lol

There are some lady versions £15.
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Would pay extra for better waterproofs
Thanks just ordered.
I bought a pair of the shoes from this range from TK Maxx. After a couple of weeks had passed, on a rainy day I noticed my feet were a little bit wet. One of them had split right along a rubber seam on the sole. It was a really clean split as if it was cut (but it hadn't been).

Maybe I just got a dodgy pair, but I'll be staying away from Regatta shoes from now on.
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