Regatta Outlet - Up to 77% off on Mens/Womens/Kids wear

Regatta Outlet - Up to 77% off on Mens/Womens/Kids wear

Found 4th Jan 2015
Was looking for a pair of waterproof trousers so I've no excuse not to get out and try to hike off the extra inches I gained over Christmas and came across this deal.

Now I know it's selective, but at least they put up what sizes they have available underneath so you can quickly work out what is available in your size.

Now, as usual, the RRP's are probably inflated, but I just had a quick look at a few things and they were cheaper than elsewhere.

Stormchill Fleece - Brown - £9.99 - ebay £15

Regatta High Hill Jacket - £15 - £28.50 at Outdoor Look

Regatta Murphy Fleece - 7.99 - ebay - £12.50

Regatta Northfield Jacket - Black - £25 - Ebay £30 Outdoor Look - £47.00

I didn't go for anything as I only need waterproof trousers (and there are a pair of Berghaus Deluge for £27 available, which is a better deal than any waterproofs they have at Regatta at the minute (Thanks feival for posting!), and I spent too much on the M&M direct deal already! :-) ) but hopefully this is useful for someone.
Happy New Year! :-)


Those waterproof trousers you mention are great - I bought a par a year ago. The fact that you can unzip them down the legs and then close them up with the press studs is great when you're somewhere hot and humid - not really a consideration here but really handy for me when I travel.

Just a shame that there arent any of the walking trousers in my size - I really like some of the regatta stuff - decent gear for the price
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