Regatta: Upto 70% off
Regatta: Upto 70% off

Regatta: Upto 70% off

Reductions of upto 70% on Regatta gear

Enter the code TB10 at checkout for free delivery and 10% off
- andy5and


Some good stuff there, shame most of the medium/large fleeces have gone.

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I bought a light waterproof jacket in their last 70% off sale for 18 quid. Good quality, lightweight (Isolite)and quite smart looking. Tempted to get another, but then you only need one though really.

great sale but yes medium mostly gone shame

some good prices, thanks OP

go on xenophon... BE A DEVIL!!!

*groan* I've been a devil ....LOL
My thanks OP, winter coats, shower jacket & bodywarmer just purchased

thanks OP. Needed a new waterproof coat, my current one is on its way out


Off to climb Ben Nevis in September picked up some useful items...rep added

sorry but this 70% off sale has been going since June

good stuff but sized smaller than normal. I've spent a over £5 on a fleece once!

Just checked on the site, there are still items at 70% off, please unexpire. Thanks

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Yeah it was Janz70 that expired it. It hasn't being going since June and even if it had, not sure why he's sorry.

Thanks, just ordered a waterproof for the Mrs. £18, (including £3.95 delivery). Cannot grumble.

Some good gear here. I particularly like this jacket, regattaoutlet.co.uk/web…555, I hope I can take a down pour.....!

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I've bought that one too. I was a devil after, although just a little one. It doesn't look as good as the one I bought before but I liked that one so much I found I didn't want to get it wet and dirty! I've gone for this cheaper plain one as it can be used for any outdoor work and I won't care what state it gets into. But should still do the trick.
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Nothing I fancy, but heat added.

Enter the code TB10 at checkout for free delivery and 10% off
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