Regina blitz twin pack for £1.74 @ Tesco

Regina blitz twin pack for £1.74 @ Tesco

Found 14th May 2013
£2.49 each or twin pack for £1.74.
These are the best kitchen rolls, We use less than 1 roll a month.
Really big strong sheets.


the 2.49 rolls have 100 sheets - these have 70.

still a very good deal.

Bought 2 from Tesco last week end.. very good value tissues..

The 100 sheet rolls were reduced to £1.17 yesterday at Morrisons, £2.49 at Wilkinson's.

They're lint free, that's why I bought them.

Yes, these are really good and definitely worth paying out for - one roll does seem to last for ages as well.

Regina hearts kitchen roll (x2) only £1 at milk& more - how do they compare?

morrisons £1.17 single so 2 for £2.34p but a while ago it was £1.24p single in tesco so it would of been 2 for £2.48p

Rickardo no milk&more in Cardiff

1 a month we use about 1 a week


Rickardo no milk&more in Cardiff

Yes there is - maybe not all areas, but certainly CF10 and CF14 areas at least.

rickardo i live in cf10 so where in cf10 is it at as i would love to know

About as soft as cardboard.
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