Region Free Blu-Ray's Stargate the Movie and Terminator 2 £8.99 Del.

Region Free Blu-Ray's Stargate the Movie and Terminator 2 £8.99 Del.

Found 14th May 2008
Was looking on website and wondered if the US domain of it is cheaper and saw the Blu-Ray DVD's for 8.50:

Stargate the Movie
Terminator 2
Total Recall
Devil's Rejects: Uncut

is it $16.99 or if you let convert it its £8.99 so is cheaper in $?


says will only play on north american blu rays?!

Check this list for compatibility -

Many titles will play on UK players/PS3s.

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Says they are all region free on the list i checked

Can blue-ray players be made region free ?

It seem stupid in this day and age that players are still being produced with region Classifications to play ‘certain’ disks when two minutes later and a press of a few buttons it may become region free !
I guess some overpaid bureaucrat came up with this idea and is still insisting the same applies just so they still get paid… (I guess someone knows why this is still the case anyway)

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From what i read they cant, ive been looking into that or buying a USA player and looks like only using the region free ones on the list or buying a US player is the only choices

Though i could be mistaken

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I just wondered as i ordered Stargate would i be correct in assuming they dispatched it from the UK warehouse, well Jersey warehouse?

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