Register to get £5 free at Blinkbox
Register to get £5 free at Blinkbox

Register to get £5 free at Blinkbox

Since the £10 offer has just expired, thought I would spread the word of this £5 offer. Offer ends 22nd May.

Some films to buy for under £5 (and thus free):
-Inglorious Basterds
-Star Trek
-The Hangover
-G.I. Joe
-Transformers 2

Some films to rent for under £5:
-Where the Wild Things Are
-Law Abiding Citizen
-Bright Star
-The Informant
-The Firm
-Paranormal Activity
-The Hangover
-Dead Snow


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whereabouts is the bluray section ?

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Matthew Leeds;8573407

whereabouts is the bluray section ?

I don't think it has one, sorry. But can't complain for free, right?

so can you actually get the DVD for free or just watch on-line for free ?

Download is queue.

you only get to watch the movies on your pc - no actual dvd... still a decent deal though heat+rep added

Thanks just registered,

Good deal

I'd recommend Star Trek as the film to download, was my favourite film of 2009!

Inglorious is worth a watch too.

Just bought Star Trek! Thanks

Is there anyway to burn these blinkbox downloads to disc, or remove the DRM ?

Just finished watching Wanted. What a strange film.

Do I need to use blinkbox software to watch, or can I put the films on a HDD and watch on my ps3?


You need the Blinkbox software to download it. But it can only be watched on one computer - you cannot transfer it to a HDD or PS3 etc.

They've just announced a PS3 optimised version of the site as well. Looking a good option for PS3 owners now for cheaper streaming.

To make your free £5 credit go further, try this voucher/code for 50% off once per account, valid until 2 June according to my source.


This is still active (At 6AM)
Just downloaded 'Up in the Air' (for free) using the metro link plus 5IFTY code to get %50 off

Saving Private Ryan works a treat, but Bruno is not part of the offer, unlike stated in description.
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