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Posted 21 September 2022

Reichner 65W PD USB-C Charger £9.79 via Sold by Smart Parts UK / Fulfilled By Amazon

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Description mostly says compatible for various Apple Macbook devices (listed) and does not say QC3.0 etc compatible but being USB-C PD adapter I guess will work on standard phones and PCs etc.

Product description:
  • Output: (USB-C PD) 20V 3.25A 65W or 15V 3A / 9V 3A / 5V 3A (compatible with original charger 14.5V 2A 29W, 20V 1.5A 30W and 20.3V 3A 61W).
  • Compatible with USB Type-C connector Mac Pro 13" models from late 2016, Mac Air 13" from late 2018 and Mac 12" from 2015. Rigorously safety tested – CE, ROHS and FCC certified. Comes with 30-day money back guarantee and 24-month warranty. Integrated surge protection.
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  1. Avatar
    Sorry, that's a supposedly powerful charger from a brand I have never heard of and much too cheap. Screams disappointment or fire risk to me...
  2. Avatar
    I have 4 of these, got one 2 years ago and the another three a year back and they all work great...was skeptical given the brand but all my phones show fast charging so no complaints here
  3. Avatar
    Was looking for my Steam Deck but this put me off. Not worth risking it in my eyes. I know many have bad reviews but I don't know this brand and I just don't want to risk my Steam Deck for a charger.
    Hey, since you mentioned steam deck I thought I'd reply. I just bought one of these for my SD and it works fine, tested with a USB tester and it seems to supply the same amount of power to the deck as the original charger.

    As for the reliability over time I cant really say but it seems to be sitting at 4.5stars so should be fine! The plastic is no cheaper than any other phone charger imo.
  4. Avatar
    Not everything made in China is bad... but unless it has a reputable company behind it I wouldnt touch it with a barge pole.
  5. Avatar
    Alot of bad reviews. I for one wouldn't risk using it on a £1000+ MacBook.
  6. Avatar
    You'd only really use the full 65W for a laptop, for which you would have spent perhaps £1k+? For the sake of an extra ~£20, get a charger from a reputable brand like Anker.
  7. Avatar
    You'll pick up a genuine HP or Dell USB C Charger for around a tenner anywhere on eBay etc, I think I would rather be there than here? They will all be made by Delta or a similar reputable outfit.
  8. Avatar
    Less than £10 for a 65w USB-C PD charger? This is one to avoid. Shouldn't go anywhere near an expensive laptop or phone.

    Anyone that buys this is quite literally playing with fire.

    Learned my lesson about 10 years ago using a cheap 'macbook' charger. The battery in my laptop swelled and I ended up needing to buy a new battery and a new charger anyway.
  9. Avatar
    I have one, for most than a year and I can confirm that is good quality, and looks better than expected, premium i can say. I'm using it as a universal PD charger. I cannot explain the low price though.
    Seems you're the only one who actually has hands on experience. If it looked cheap & crap and weighed like a feather I could understand some of the fear.

    I've had plenty of PD chargers from lesser known companies - never had an issue.
  10. Avatar
    I wouldn't imagine to use £10 charger on £1k+ laptop. If seller removes all refences to Macbook and just put it up as generic USB PD charger then it would fly at £10 I guess!
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    Amazing price for 65w. And totally unrealistic, that's why I will pass. Yes, Ravpower had its 65w for £11 a few months ago, so sometimes good devices come at unrealisticprices. But at least I know Ravpower, as I use multiple devices from them. This is a bargain indeed, but I think it is too good to be true. I didn't vote. But I will have a read about this brand. (edited)
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    I’ve Learn this the hard way. Stick with reputable brands if you don’t want to pay apple prices. Anker and it’s subsidiaries imo are decent and never had any issue with them.
    Anker are great. Even AmazonBasics seems better
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    If you use this for anything more than a £100 chromebook you honestly need your head checked
  14. Avatar
    Not commenting on this product but I did buy a 65w GAN charger from Ali for about £6. It charges my phone, iPad pro and laptop (not at the same time). You can find them on Amazon for about £30. Shop around and read forums and reviews and you’ll get a decent charger for not very much money.
  15. Avatar
    Not risking £2000+ macbook pro with cheap charger
    I concur. Its like when I wouldn't buy cheap tyres for my £360,000 Ferrari.
  16. Avatar
    Looks sus (edited)
  17. Avatar
    Amazed by how hot this is given most of the comments! I think I will avoid.
  18. Avatar
    Far too many bad reviews - as mentioned already if you can afford £1000+ or a laptop you can pay an extra £20 or even £40 for a charger
  19. Avatar
    I got two of these when they were £3, tried them on my work laptop first and been fine for a year or two now, run through my power meter and always behaved as expected so use with a lot of my stuff now, phones, switch etc. (edited)
    Where did you buy them for £3 just curious to know?
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    I fail to understand why a company of this size does not take the responsibility to make sure that these products are safe to use.
  21. Avatar
    I learned a while back that only use proper brands when it comes to electrical. I blew up my office ring main with a dodgy Nintendo DS charger.
  22. Avatar
    Now showing £15 so deal expired
  23. Avatar
    Never heard of the brand - single port?