Reindeer Droppings and Reindeer noses £1 BOGOF @ Co-operative

Reindeer Droppings and Reindeer noses £1 BOGOF @ Co-operative

LocalFound 13th Dec 2013
Reindeer droppings -70g chocolate coated Raisins
Reindeer noses-70g milk chocolate in red sugar shell

The Co-op Roundhay Leeds.
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Here we go again ......
Here we go again ......
Flame deer some where in here
Ooh, piece of candy! Ooh, piece of candy!
love it
Where is that gold flamedeer?
Reindeer noses, poor deers (_;)
Very funny
So reindeer droppings resemble raisin coated chocolate? Yuck!

Ooh, piece of candy! Ooh, piece of candy!

oh a pioece of candy! family guy lol
Deery me
Nice ha!
No gold flamedeer here
no flamedeer?
I am so glad I have kids at Christmas! My excuse for everything! He he
No flame deer at all here
Oh deer

Here we go again ......

going down the only road I've ever known
Like a hunter I was born to shoot alone
and I've made up my mind
deer deals are for swines
But here I...go again (oh it's here I go not we, that's ruined that then)
These are actually tasty! Hot from me!
Flame beer would be far better
tasty though
Love it haha!
raindeer droppings, deery me
Great deal.
Flamedeer dropping? That'll b a good one
Come on!!! Where r the deer's gone????
Oh Deary deer yet today..
These actually tickle my fancy.

Also, get a grip people, flamedeers will not appear somewhere JUST because there's a reindeer themed item or reindeer in the title!!
i cannot believe i am voting hot on both buying and eating reindeer droppings----
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