Reindeer Onesie (ideal attraction!) - £12 instore at Primark

Reindeer Onesie (ideal attraction!) - £12 instore at Primark

Found 1st Dec 2012
Ideal if you want to go all out on the festive spirit.

Those wearing them are also more likely to find reindeer across the site, so I have been told!
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Ideal if you want to look stupid. And I do.
I wore one of these last year I still had hoof prints on me ears on Valentines day !
is he doing a number 2
hope you aren't mistaken for a flamedeer

is he doing a number 2

He's got it on backwards... and is happy to see you
oh dear
Haha chances these wont be in stock at Merry Hill when I go in the week!
I wish Primark had an online website wuld save having to wait in the loooooong queues
No one is seriously going to ever wear this are they ????????
Cheap as a Onesie!!
I got the monkey one and wear it to fancy dress parties.
I bought mine last year
Ah yeah! HOT!
this is hilarious!
Who keeps voting for these things? They are creepy and only worn by the desperate looking for a drunken grope or by furverts having perv sex.
I havr to dress up for in an xmas theme for a work xmas photo next week so this fits the bill should I be able to find one!
Fingers crossed I can get hold of one of these bad boys tomorrow!
off all the things to wear!
i wear mine making sunday dinner
Haha just showed my bf this and he is wanting one haha x
I was thinking about getting one each for my nephew and niece. But sadly that would be too dear....

Sorry, I'll get my hat on the way out
i got me 1 of these. nice and warm.
got me a deer here thanks
Ironic thing is other companies could sell them for a lot more (easily double, possibly even triple) and they'd still get as much interest! Not only is this a great novelty item, it's actually a great price too!

[quote=micsey] is he doing a number 2

You mean a twosie, surely.
If it still in my 'local' (50 miles away) next Friday then I will buy one for sister. She'll love it!
Good thing I'm wearing one right now!
Oh, and check the feet. Don't know if there'll be anything on them but my monkey onesie had those totes type rubbery pads to grip floors which said 'Cheeky' on one sole and 'Monkey' on the other.
Who cares about HUKD reindeer hunt, I'm hunting on of these bad boys
I'm very tempted to get one!

Not sure if it'll go down too well at my work's black tie Xmas do though..
cool! just what i need for the xmas party! thanks
To Deer sorry,(_;)
They are not on offer and are £12 anyway. That said it's a great price for a onesie. I got myself a tiger one (although I call it a Tigger onesie) and I've never looked cooler.
its silly my neighbour has stood in the street giggling like a silly person in a onesie with all there friends, it would be ok for a kid to wear but for a adult its just silly really, then they all yell and you look out the window and get accused of been a snoopy neighbour!. all because of onseies, so i vote cold
Keep you warm lol
are they tog rated like duvets?
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