Rekorderlig Fruit Cider 3 for £5 @ Lidl

Rekorderlig Fruit Cider 3 for £5 @ Lidl

Found 24th Dec 2014
500ml bottles of Rekorderlig found in Lidl Plymouth ..
£1.99 each
3 for £5

Best deal I have found recently is 4x330ml cans for £5 so this is really good


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This is my first post so please be nice! It is christmas after all

Worst cider ever made and these stupid fruit mixes make it even worse. Wish they would do one as I'm fed up going to moronic restaurants that thinks it's in thing and that's all that stock.

Hello sir.
Hi do you sell cider
Yes we do, we have koppacarp
No thanks I'd rather drink my own p..s
Do sell any own cider other than teeth disintegrating sweet tasteless muck
Er no
I'll have tap water please

I thought I'd never say this but I'd definitely prefer blackthorn than this junk

All Swedish cider tastes like s.. t

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I'm surprised.. People are raving about this stuff where I live... Most pubs only now sell this as their fruit cider option

Nice cider. £1.66 a bottle in Asda normally so not really a deal. Although the website does say £2.25 just now
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still better than strongbow, that stuff is just fizzy pish

Rekorderlig is one of the best ciders on the Market.. Get back to your Stella and Carling, you feckin' heathens.

Having said that, it's the same price in Sainburys and I think Tesco right now, so not a great deal

I like this cider. Asda have been doing 3 for £5 for months now though.. sorry.. happy xmas

Cheaper in tesco at £1.65 a bottle.

same deal in sainsburys. drinking some now :-)

Same deal in Morrison's too!
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