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Relaxing Sleep Sounds Pro Edition - Free @ Google Play

Relaxing Sleep Sounds Pro Edition - Free @ Google Play

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Expert (Beta)
Posted 6th May
Who doesn't like a bit of sound sleep eh, a well reviewed app here for free to help with that

Relaxing Sleep Sounds PRO is developed for your baby and you. You can put to sleep your baby easily with white noises. Therefore, you won’t lose your time with trying to sleep your baby. You can teach animals sounds and names with animal sounds. You can be relaxed with nature sounds. App doesn't need internet and it's only 25mb. You can stop sounds with timer when you want. Relaxing Sleep Sounds PRO includes 24 unique white noises, 18 animal sounds and 27 nature sounds.


You can use timer for stop playing sounds in specific time.

Background audio
Relaxing Sleep Sounds PRO supports background sound. Therefore, while sounds are playing, you can do what you want with phone like you can lock or close screen, play game, use other apps etc.

Offline support
Relaxing Sleep Sounds PRO doesn’t needed internet. You can use Relaxing Sleep Sounds PRO every time and everywhere without internet connection.

Clean design without any ads
Relaxing Sleep Sounds PRO has clean, basic and easy design. Also, app hasn’t any ads. Therefore, you can use app easily without annoying ads.

Hope it helps someone.
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I've had this a while, listen regularly. Recommend
I'm having a go tonight.
A lot of fun but many sounds definitely aren't relaxing!
My tip with apps like these, is to start slowly. i,e. use a sound, but at a very low level. If you successfully get to sleep, just increase the volume the next night. Living in a noisy flat, apps like these can be a god send if you can train yourself to sleep to one particular sound.
Just had a look, the reviews say the looping needs fixing - keeps fading out and then starting again.
Doesn't look like brilliant sound choices.
Just get something like Meditation & relaxation. Even the free one has decent sounds with perfect loops, there is also Relaxing music and Relax melodies.
Cheers OP
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