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Samsung HWMS6500 Smart Soundbar (Black) - £239 delivered @ Reliantdirect
Posted 10th AugPosted 10th Aug
New and simply stunning sound. Ignore some reviews saying it's now loud enough. I am listening to amazon prime music on volume level 11 and it goes to level 100. This is a 450 watt… Read more



HW MS650 is the one you need same speaker but straight


Yes it is


I have flat tv tho


Yes. Great soundbar for money if you wondered.

Samsung UE55RU8000TXXU2019 55" RU8000 Dynamic Crystal Colour Smart 4K TV £749 with code @ Reliant Direct
179° Expired
Posted 4th JulPosted 4th Jul
£20 off with code. Experience better shadow detail and more accurate colour with UHD Dimming technology that independently adjusts tone, brightness and sharpness. Dividing the scr… Read more

I can only see it at £849?


My sister just bought the LG55SM8200 for £799 from currys. Only had it on the wall for an hour before saying she expected much more and not in the same league as my mothers B7 OLED.


Or get the cheaper NU8000 from last year, it's better than the RU8000 and QLED 6R series.


If you want the bells and whistles forget the RU range and go qled.


Man I wish I knew what tv to get so many choices

Samsung QE55Q6FNATXXU 55" 6 Series Flat QLED TV at Reliant Direct for £729
231° Expired
Posted 16th JunPosted 16th Jun
Samsung QE55Q6FNA Q6FN QLED Certified UHD HDR 1000 4K Smart TV See Nothing Else. Finally a TV that delivers bold contrast night and day, with extremely low light reflectivity fo… Read more

Called them up and got the £729 price!


Showing as £748 for me


Is there q7 65inch...


Same price at Crampton and Moore with 5 year warranty.

SAMSUNG UE65NU8500 65" Curved 4K HDR 1000 Smart LED TV £849 @ Reliant Direct
228° Expired
Posted 6th JunPosted 6th Jun
Ultra HD certified for true 4K colour and clarity Curved Screen, to immerse yourself in the action Hidden cables for a clutter free and stylish living space Control all of your com… Read more

What happens if you sit like a metre from the centre?


I'm absolutely dying to upgrade my 49ks8000 as I've just moved house but I can't compensate in quality and the ks8500 would be a step down for me. Really wish q9 would drop below £1k


That's a bargain.


For those interested, the price for me is high on this, i have the 9000 (over a year now), in the recent HDUK Samsung QLED6 i went for it, was a quick decision to return to me the 9000 was so much better. I think with QLED unless your aim for the 8 or 9 it is not worth it.

LG 70UK6500 - 70" HD 4K TV - £779 @ Reliantdirect
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Posted 3rd MayPosted 3rd May
LG 70UK6500 - 70" HD 4K TV - £779 @ Reliantdirect
In case it rains all over the BH weekend you could get one of these and watch the snooker. I think the screen is about 5ft by 3ft so about the size of a "junior" pool table.
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This deal has just got cheaper - £749 last time I looked


I had no idea you could get a TV this large for under a grand. That's amazing.


My Brother paid that for a Hitachi Plasma 42" TV with a resolution of 1024 x 720.

Ginormous Samsung QE65Q6F 65 inch Flat QLED TV just £1149. Free next day delivery. QE65Q6F
185° Expired
Posted 15th AprPosted 15th Apr
Ginormous Samsung QE65Q6F 65 inch Flat QLED TV just £1149. Free next day delivery. QE65Q6F
65" QE65Q6F QLED Ultra HD Smart TV Discover the next innovation in TV and see colour in a whole new light with our Q6F TV. Ground breaking Quantum Dot technology delivers Ultra HD … Read more
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Yawn stick to your QLED then


So you have been lucky so far. I wouldnt want to risk it.


Yawn never had any issues


Oh and of course no burn in on QLED


Have you played with the settings, many people watch TV on default settings. Tinker with the advanced pic settings. I have several settings saved, one for dark moody dramas.

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LG OLED65E8 - 65" OLED 4K Smart TV with ThinQ AI £2299 @ ReliantDirect
-81° Expired
Posted 13th AprPosted 13th Apr
LG OLED65E8 - 65" OLED 4K Smart TV with ThinQ AI £2299 @ ReliantDirect
Optimized for OLED TV, LG's exclusive processor allows for clean and sharp images with accurate colour and even more detailed HDR images. LG TV can recognise High dynamic Range for… Read more

Also available at Crampton and Moore for the same price


Thanks for posting @jon23505 I've added the product name, price and merchant to the title as well as an image. It's useful to add these yourself when posting

Samsung UE55NU7400 4K HDR TV £458 Reliantdirect
168° Expired
Posted 4th AprPosted 4th Apr
Samsung UE55NU7400 4K HDR TV £458 Reliantdirect
Last week bought it from John Lewis for £519(currently £499) and got £61 refund after price matched with 5 years warranty.… Read more

The discount is for the customer. EBay give customers a bargain it's not for the seller to manipulates there prices up to make £20 extra and there for cut the 20% discount eBay offered. The seller clearly did set his price and adjusted it to cut down the 20% discount. I'm correct it's Dishonest selling practices imo. I don't want to here from u again. Blocked


Totally out of order? It is a free market place. He is a seller and should be able to set whatever price he wants. Normally when people can't afford something they don't buy it, or look elsewhere.


Tha ks. Yeah 5 year warranty should be on all tvs I guess. The ebay seller uped his price by £20 as eBay wer offering 20% off. To me this is totally out of order. Must be against the eBay rules if not it should be. He droped his price again now by 20£


The 55 has slightly better specification and this way gets 5 year warranty too.

Swf77MiUk It was 429£. And 20%off and a few quid topcashback The guy put it to up to £449 today but there's still 20% for the next hour and half £75 off max with the code Care to explain the % of extra cost for 21% bigger screen? So 5 inches bigger equates 21% bigger screen on a 50inch TV? Intrested to know.

LG OLED65G8 - 65" OLED 4K TV Signature Range £2849 at  Reliantdirect
292° Expired
Posted 12th MarPosted 12th Mar
LG OLED65G8 - 65" OLED 4K TV Signature Range £2849 at Reliantdirect
**** Currently £4,999 in John Lewis and Currys ***** Free 5 Year Warranty Brand New UK Stock Buy Now - Pay in 12 Months Available G8 LG Signature OLED 4K TV - 65" … Read more

Has any bought this ? From the reliant I’m unsure if they are safe to buy from ?


Is that company any good to buy from ?


Thanks mate (y)


Item number 391944369461 on a popular auction site. Search number above (y)


Can I ask where you got those discs under your equipment?

Samsung UE75NU7100 75" 7 Series, HDR Compatible, 4K LED TV £1069 @ Relientdirect
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Posted 10th MarPosted 10th Mar
Samsung UE75NU7100 75" 7 Series, HDR Compatible, 4K LED TV £1069 @ Relientdirect
NU7100 Certified Ultra HD Smart 4K TV.
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Voted hot


Two better deals already posted: Richer Sounds PRC Direct

Samsung UE55NU7100 NU7100 Certified Ultra HD Smart 4K TV - £419 @ Reliantdirect
273° Expired
Posted 6th MarPosted 6th Mar
Samsung UE55NU7100 NU7100 Certified Ultra HD Smart 4K TV - £419 @ Reliantdirect
BRAND NEW - Enjoy a beautifully vibrant Ultra HD certified experience with our NU7100 UHD TV. With true Ultra HD 4K colour and clarity you can enjoy the latest movies in more colou… Read more


Sorry I think I got my wires crossed on the wrong thread. Refurbished was one I was looking at earlier.


This is brand new


Extra £60 brand new one from prc


Crampton and Moore also selling it at this price. Personally I'd pay the extra £30 for the 6 year warranty from Richer Sounds.

LG OLED55B8 - 55" OLED 4K TV £1199 @ Reliantdirect
319° Expired
Posted 23rd Dec 2018Posted 23rd Dec 2018
LG OLED55B8 - 55" OLED 4K TV £1199 @ Reliantdirect
The B8 has started to come down in price.. I'm still holding out for sub £1000.

Thanks for info on C8 ,sure guy who asked can now make a choice but c 8still seems to be 100s more than b8 .It was due to this site I got it for 1089 otherwise would of bought today at 1199 as my original oled was written off on Fri .Have a great Xmas my friend


What I meant was it's not a special price to this store as many other stores have it at this price. By the way your other comment , the c8 dosent have a built in sound bar that's the e8. Well done on getting your new TV for £1089


Why I've watched darts on mine for last 3 years .Take it you have never owned one and going off internet horror stories.


Different model completely .C8 is about 600 more expensive so depends on your budget. Pretty sure C8 has soundbar built in but no doubt other will confirm who know more than me .I would of rather tipped 600 on the 65 inch b8 than the c model. Just bought the b8 from c&m deal where they honoured the b7 out of stock deal price (1089).Did say this would be lowest price for Xmas sale .FWIW I would of still bought at 1199 just dropped luck really with great help from deal posted Friday.


This one or the c8 the better?

Lg oled g8 65inch signature tv with dolby atmos speaker- down from £4,999 to £2,799 (with code) @ Reliantdirect
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Posted 6th Dec 2018Posted 6th Dec 2018
Lg oled g8 65inch signature tv with dolby atmos speaker- down from £4,999 to £2,799 (with code) @ Reliantdirect
Use code SAVE 200 TO GET PRICE DOWN FROM £2999 TO £2799 comes with 5 year warranty

Code ain't working for me


Yes, I bought it. Fantastic tv


Is this legit? I want this tv badly


Not with £200 off code so cheaper I think.


Think it's already been posted

LG OLED65G8 - 65" OLED 4K TV Signature - £2,999 @ Reliant Direct - Free 5y Warranty, BNPL Available
428° Expired
Posted 2nd Dec 2018Posted 2nd Dec 2018
LG OLED65G8 - 65" OLED 4K TV Signature - £2,999 @ Reliant Direct - Free 5y Warranty, BNPL Available
Feature wise is the same as a C8 but comes with a glass design and a built-in soundbar offering the best out of the box sound out of all LGs. Of course the sound is better than a E… Read more

Use code SAVE200 for £200 discount as per


C8 Still available at rgbdirect for 2099 but only if you go in store



Been tracking all price tracking websites for the past 2 weeks and the cheapest I've seen it was on Black Friday for £2.3k. Even now it's £2.5k on most large shops and £2.3k on smaller websites. Which shop did you buy it from?


It's been below £2k quite a lot recently. I got it for £1,999 on BF. But has been cheaper than that in the past week. £1k for a sound bar is a bit steep imo!

55” LG OLED TV - OLED55B7 with 5 years warranty £1035 @ Reliantdirect
1411° Expired
Posted 2nd Dec 2018Posted 2nd Dec 2018
55” LG OLED TV - OLED55B7 with 5 years warranty £1035 @ Reliantdirect
55” LG OLED TV - OLED55B7 With an ultra slim and stylish finish this is unlike anything you have seen before. OLED’s unparalleled range of contrast brings shades and colours to li… Read more
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It should all be in the comments above, but give Crampton and Moore a ring.


Hi where form Please


Yes please do let me know? I now BF it went there but I missed it:(


From what company please?


You realise you can get the B8 for that price?

Samsung 65" UE65NU7100 UHD HDR 4K TV £839 with code @ Reliant Direct.
236° Expired
Posted 5th Oct 2018Posted 5th Oct 2018
Samsung 65" UE65NU7100 UHD HDR 4K TV £839 with code @ Reliant Direct.
The well reviewed Samsung UE65NU7100 is now £839 with code at Reliant Direct. Use code SAVING30 to bring the price down from £869 to £839. John Lewis will price match it to £869 wi… Read more

TBH at this point I would wait till Black Friday and see if you can get a Samsung QE65 reduced.


I used these guys to get the 49" price matched for ~ £445 with JL. Would have posted it at the time but the terms state show rooms don't count so didn't want to screw myself if they reviewed after getting flooded with claims.


What would you suggest if not this one? I’m gonna buy this weekend probably


8bit + frc


The lack of 10 bit colour would put me off at this price, also what's the peak brightness?

LG OLED55E7 TV (5yr warranty inc) for £1449 @ reliantdirect
229° Expired
Posted 22nd Sep 2018Posted 22nd Sep 2018
LG OLED55E7 TV (5yr warranty inc) for £1449 @ reliantdirect
Brilliant TV with 5 year warranty included. Yes its slightly more expensive than a B7/C7 at this moment but the glass screen does make a difference. The soundbar is what I’d clas… Read more

Looks like PRC direct only website have it new

Why doesn't the OP make it clear that this deal is for a re boxed TV. Is re boxed another name for a customer return?

Nope this says reboxed oin the specification tab at the bottom. This looks like an identical website to me?

Thanks i will give them a try!


Here you go

Samsung UE50NU7400 4k TV £519 with code @ Reliant Direct
73° Expired
Posted 6th Sep 2018Posted 6th Sep 2018
Samsung UE50NU7400 4k TV £519 with code @ Reliant Direct
The well reviewed Samsung UE50NU7400 4K TV is now an astonishing £519 at Reliant Direct. This is hands down the best TV in this price group. Use code SAVE50 to take the price down … Read more

I'd have to see the 2 up close. I looked up the 50 inch Hisense u7a TV and wasn't all that impressed with the specs but that version is only 60hz and didn't know the 55 inch version was a true 120hz. If you are a big gamer I'd probably go for the Hisense although the input lag is slightly longer but most likely unaffected.


Which TV would you pick between the two?


The Hisense doesn't have as good colour accuracy and isn't as bright, but the 120hz refresh rate is obviously much better.


Would the HISENSE H55U7AUK be better than this it has 120hz?


They will price match the £569 They will not price match using a hotukdeals listed voucher code If listed as publicly available for example on their site they will honour

Samsung HW-MS650 Soundbar £329 - Reliant Direct
28° Expired
Posted 6th Sep 2018Posted 6th Sep 2018
Samsung HW-MS650 Soundbar £329 - Reliant Direct
Fantastic price for this Sound Bar! Just recently paid £364 for mine. Take advantage of this before 11th September and claim £100 cashback from Samsung, as well as 6 months worth… Read more

Thanks man. I will be getting ms650 today.


I think as long as the soundbar has space in front of it to unleash the sound you're good dude.


Thank you for the comment. I have a 55" sony on a trolley which is lower than my bed so not sure how it will affect. Do you reckon the ms650 soundbar is overkill for a small mediumistic bedroom?


Thanks for the update man. I definetly seem to be leaning towrads ms650. Also Rey/Kylo Skype calls (party) (party) (party)


Right, so the rear speakers came today, and overall they are very good. Louder than I expected. I read many reviews saying they were quiet so I cranked the rear speakers to full (level 6) but they were so over bearring I had to dial it back half way. Literally takes 5 minutes to setup and I've been testing with music and movies. Pleasantly surprised! First I tested with Secret Life of Pets on Netflix, which worked well but was very subtle and present on the sound effects. Next I tried Spotify, and the rear speakers help shape the overall sound which is nice. Lastly I tested Last Jedi 4K and was extremely impressed! Lots of surround effects, especially in all space Battle scenes, and also the Rey/Kylo Skype call scenes. I will test more soon, but IMO recommended!

Samsung HWMS750 Smart Soundbar with Upfiring Speakers £459 at Reliant Direct (poss £359 after £100 cashback)
-37° Expired
Posted 22nd Aug 2018Posted 22nd Aug 2018
Samsung HWMS750 Smart Soundbar with Upfiring Speakers £459 at Reliant Direct (poss £359 after £100 cashback)
This premium soundbar from Samsung produces Hi-Resolution Audio from its built in speakers and subwoofer. With Samsung's TVSoundConnect feature you can connect the Soundbar & T… Read more

Looks a a terrific soundbar. £449 at Hughes:


This is best price out there at the moment for new black soundbar. I ordered yesterday from Reliant Direct, received today. Super quick delivery. Plug and play Soundbar, initial experience with ease of use, sound and connectivity to Panasonic tv...very good. I will be claiming £100 back from Samsung in 30 days in line with all the terms and conditions. I also bought a Samsung 4K bluray player in same purchase to take advantage of Samsung movie lounge offer (6 4K DVD’s and popcorn for 6mths)... Voted hot.


No, just the soundbar for the £100 cashback.


I think a TV is needed to be purchased along with the soundbar to get the £100 cashback. From what I read on the banner link.


Wish those who vote cold leave a comment to indicate why. This is a very decent price imo