remember me 2.99 del @ sainsburys entertainment
remember me 2.99 del @ sainsburys entertainment

remember me 2.99 del @ sainsburys entertainment

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havent seen it yet but have been told its very good

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they changed price now to 4.99 wonder if ill still get mine

brilliant film.

Wouldn't touch Sainsburys Entertainment...they caused alot of upset before christmas by having lots of great offers, then taking people's money, confirmation emails sent and then cancelling orders but still holding on to some people's money. Happened many, many times to lots of people and very poor customer service. Check out Sainsburys Entertainment reviews.

So this was like a deal that lasted 1 hour or something?

Have 72 people actually benefited from this 'deal' I wonder?

Read all the comments with interest. First time I've ordered from there, and had a confirmation e-mail of kick ass, shutter island and hot tub time machine all for £2.99 a piece...Will wait with baited breath to see if/when I get them. And thanks to OP for the original link.

99p on iTunes (£1.99 for HD) for rent if you want to watch it once.

mmmmm sainsburys entertainment site, ordered loads of stuff before xmas at what seemed like great prices, especiall pre-order of mario all stars 25th anni game for wii at £17.99 and they took abt 7-10 days before they cancelled every single one of my orders! i sent angry email protesting especially abt the pre-ordered item as how they can use this item is no longer obtainable from our manufacturer on a pre-order i'll never knowthey did respond by giving me a £5 voucher but it seems they regularly advertise stuff at cheap prices that they just don't have in stock which just ends up being a huge waste of time, although my fingers are crossed that you all get the latest deals you never know

So at least 7 more have voted hot since my last comment, despite the fact that you cannot get it for this price now? Weird.
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