Remembrance Sunday free entry

Remembrance Sunday free entry

Found 29th Aug 2009Made hot 29th Aug 2009
thought i would give you all the heads up i have just got my friends of duxford newsletter and they are having an 'open day' on the 8th of november 09 (Remembrance Sunday)

If you have not been before its definatly woth a look

Remembrance Sunday
Date: 8th November 2009
Location: IWM Duxford

Remembrance Sunday

On Remembrance Sunday, IWM Duxford will be holding a very special service of remembrance. Admission to the Museum is free for all on this day. We very much hope that people will take this opportunity to explore Duxford on the day when members of the Armed Forces, who have lost their lives in active service, are remembered worldwide.

For more information on this or other event, please call 01223 835 000 or email [email protected]

here are some pictures i have taken (the blue dot on the far right has the airshow ones)



I went last year it was a great way to commemorate Remembrance Sunday. Well put together buy the organisers and a great meeting ground for all the survivors. A solo spitfire flew which being Remembrance Sunday and Duxford was quite poignant and very moving.

A very fitting place for Remembrance Sunday for every one. So gad they are doing it again this year.

Thanks for heads up.

I live across the road its a lovely day out for the family !
Just wrap up well if its a cold and windy day .

I went to Duxford today with the kids, Brilliant place for boys and their toys!!

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thanks for the heat guys

also dont forget if you are a student you get a reduction on airshow tickets
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