Reminder: Young Persons Rail Card - Get Cheaper Fairs on Trains UK wide

Reminder: Young Persons Rail Card - Get Cheaper Fairs on Trains UK wide

Found 2nd Mar 2009
Hi All,

First post, so please don't bite too hard

Just a reminder, what with Train Prices increasing, that those who are eligible(16-25 year olds) there is a service out there that allows you to access a 1/3 cheaper train fairs across the UK.

The last post on this claims it is free. It isn't. It's £24 and lasts a year or there is a 3 Year card that costs £65, however the savings are easily made up on the first few train fairs.

There is a family card also for £24 and a recent voucher (attached and thanks HoneyBun for that) reduces this to £18

Again this is primarily for the 16-25 year olds out there but those that aren't I hope you can still appreciate the benefits of a card that offers 1/3 discount

Link -

Voucher -…rd/


however the savings are easily made up on the first few train fairs

Not entirely true - you can't get any discount for travel in peak hours so for the majority of students and young people wanting to use rail for college or work these cards are of little value; you also can't use the card when purchasing season tickets.

P.S. Thanks for the post and sorry to be negative on it - but I really do think the Young Persons Rail Card is a pile of p**

P.P.S. To be entirley fair as iwd posts above this can save you money - especially with the voucher to reduce it to £18 - I'm just peeved that my kids can't use 'em ;-)

these cards are amazing, i went on one trip and it paid for the card and saved me some money.

These cards are amazing!
I must have easily saved £500 or so over the last few years. I save about a tenner on a trip to London alone.
If you make 2 or 3 hour or so train journeys a year then you'll be making a saving. If you make several more you can save a ton!
It is a shame you can't use them in peak times or on season tickets, but what do you expect???

I love this card, it's so worth it. You can also get discounts at restaurants including 15% off at Bella Cafe Uno and 25% at Bella Italia. There are other offers too you just have to check them out.
It's so much better than the oyster card, which is useless unless you buy weekly or monthly travelcards. Whereas with the 16-25 card you make savings pretty much anytime you purchase a ticket, whether it may e a daily travelcard (which now cost £5 with a YPRC/16-25 card) or a rail ticket. Plus you can put the discount on to your oyster card, so it caps off at the £5 mark if you have used it that much in a day. I have been using one for the past 4 years and have most definitely made huge savings.

P.s. "You can get a 3-year 16-25 Railcard right up until the day before your 24th birthday."... meaning you can still enjoy the discount for another 3 years...:)

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Its such a pity that it is voted cold. I'm not sure why people feel like it isn't a good deal. Those who are at university who travel often to go back home its a brilliant deal. Yes it isn't great for Peak times, I can add that to the description but that doesn't take away from the usefulness of it!

Word of mouth is generally the best way to get people to know about this hence why i used this site!! Oh well

Open Peak Time Return from B'ham to London Euston £26.65 instead of £132...

Oh, and dont forget to get it a day before your 26th b'day ;-)
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