Remington IPL6000 i-Light Pro IPL Hair Remover  Boots £94 instore at Boots

Remington IPL6000 i-Light Pro IPL Hair Remover Boots £94 instore at Boots

Found 22nd Feb 2014
£94 clearance in Boots, Bridgend today. In store, no idea if this is national or online. Two on the shelf so grabbed one and some spare lamps at £3.45 each ready for the other half's birthday. She has had laser treatment in the past and that costs around £100 per session, so this looks worth a try. Regular price is anything from £170+ at Amazon to £300 elsewhere, decent reviews online. Hopefully will help some smoothies out there!

Tried posting up a picture, but not sure if it will work on my phone? Happy hunting.
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Damn it's already closed now
I heard IPL is not good. permanent is like your oh has done.
iv got loads of facial hair too
can anybody get me one and I will pay postage too.
im desperate!
Wow these are still £349 online great find!
Hair remover boots??? Wtf?!?
Spare bulbs are £25!!! Proper bargain!!!
Amazon user reviews of the same product in this deal >…s=1

This seems like a decent price. I'm not sure how effective IPL is, this unit will do twice the area in one flash but it's 4x the price >

Philips (Doesn't need bulb replacing or gel) >…lnk

Gillette (Needs gel, doesn't need bulb replacing) >…lnk

The Gillette is 2x the price and doesn't require the bulbs changing, neither does the Philips unit. So this might be cheap but factor in to price the cost to replace bulbs which are £16 a time >…KBB

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Got x3 spare lamps same time as I bought the main unit @3.45 each (again these were on clearance on the same shelf as the unit), apparently x3 also applied with the unit. Haven't checked how long they last, but with the spares it should be good for a while. Obviously full price is expensive, but worth a try at this price?

No shaving here, best try that joke in a shaver deal
hey seems like a great bargain with pretty great reviews, its also worth checking out :
gillette naked skin normally £449.99 I bought it when it was reduce to £349 ITS NOW £214! I have been using it and I highly recommend this product,…kin

amazon £214, Argos £299 shop around i'm sure you can pick it up even cheaper!

Hair remover boots??? Wtf?!?

Yes I have this, my feet have never been smoother
Got it on Amazon lighting deals for £124. So far I am happy.
I'm off today to see!
Is it a permanent solution or does hair just take longer to grow back!
Not sure if it's the same but my girlfriend had bad rocasea and had IPL treatments 3 in total 1 month apart and it did wonders for her skin.

It has other uses other than just removing facial hair, got rid of all her acne, made scaring less and general redness, she still flushes but not as bad. As there is no permanent solution to rocasea you can only try to minimize it and this helped that greatly.

Obviously though the face is a dangerous place to mess around with if you're not a professional but just thought I would mention that it can have other uses unless I am getting confused with another sort of IPL
Has anyone seen this elsewhere in the country? It's not online.
ooossss in Wakefield . none online
none in chelmsford
Type your comment here...Isn't it cheaper in the long run to buy a device that you can replace the bulb of?

When the Philips one, which doesn't need bulbs, is out - that's it, you can't replace any part whereas some of the other ones the bulbs might be expensive but it means the lifespan is much longer?
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