Remington MB320C Barba Beard Trimmer £14 @ Amazon

Remington MB320C Barba Beard Trimmer £14 @ Amazon

Found 28th Dec 2010
Product Features
Advanced Ceramic-coated blades infused with Silica for hardness and resilience
Lube for life and pop-up trimmer
Cord/ cordless for up to 40 minutes usage
Nine length settings (1-11.5 mm) for grades 0.5-4
Comes with storage pouch, beard comb, cleaning brush and two year guarantee

Box Contents
1 x Beard Trimmer
1 x Storage Bag
1 x Beard Comb
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Adaptor
1 x Instruction Booklet
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Was £24.99 how £14.00 one of the best product at the lowest price i could find. Very good reviews everywhere.
This is awesome, I have it and love it! The battery lasts an incredibly long time and shaves excellently! Heat added for a great price! May want to add amazon to the title though!
I myself researched everywhere and found this one the best and ordered.
Thank you - ordered! Had one for about 2 years and it won't charge any more so perfect timing to see this!
Good in different sections apart from beard and mustache?
Is this mains rechargeable?
Ordered thanks..
This was posted on here last week at £18.99 and went red hot i ordered one at the higher price because of the good reviews and haven't received it yet so imagine how annoyed i am that 4days later its £5 cheaper theres a complaint on its way to Amazon requesting the difference.
This was actually £12.50 2 days ago. Bought one straight away. Still very good at £14.
Just to make you more annoyed It was 12.50 on boxing day

This was actually £12.50 2 days ago. Bought one straight away. Still very … This was actually £12.50 2 days ago. Bought one straight away. Still very good at £14.

I'm in the same boat. Designer stubble look, here I come!

I'm not sure why nobody posted that as a deal but I guess there were a lot of bargains around just after Christmas.

Is this mains rechargeable?

Yes it is, I have had this for the past year and it is brilliant.
Excellent price, I use it every day and am very happy; get one if you're after stubble, then your only inconvenience is having to carry a stick around to keep the ladies away.
not bad,
Great machine !
Good stuff, grabbed one my self
Perfect for the wife.
Ordered, thanks OP
Tempted to order. Even though I got a non-ceramic wahl grooming kit/trimmer for christmas.
I've had this for the last year, too, and really recommend it.
have had one a while and would certainly reccomend it!
My dad has been looking for this..thanks!
Had this for several months now. Does a great job. Easy to use and adjust, buy it..........
I have this BUT I'm struggling to get a decent stubbly shave out of this - I've taken the guard off and set it to be close as possible but it's just not doing the job for me.

Are there are other alternatives out there, as doing a wet shave with a razor is causing me a lot of grief.

Cheers for any recommendations.
back up to 19.95 now
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