Remington MS2391 Titanium Dual Foil Shaver ONLY £24.46! was £49.99 (instore) @ Superdrug

Remington MS2391 Titanium Dual Foil Shaver ONLY £24.46! was £49.99 (instore) @ Superdrug

Found 9th Jun 2009
Just went to Argos to buy this razor and walked past Super Drug so thought I'd just pop in and check what they had and they had the same this one for just £24.46, I had reserved a razor at Argos for £38.99 and it's a simular price in Boots (cos I walked through there too).

Looks very good and will replace the razor that I'd had for a few years that is almost exactly the same, except this has a 1 Hour charge (my old one took 16!)

Product Features

* Titanium coated trimmer technology, 2 super flexing MicroScreen foils
* Washable, 3 stage cutting system with twin foils
* Intercept trimmer cuts long hair and stubble in 1 pass, Precision trimmer
* 5 Minute Quick Charge
* 1 Hour recharge lasts for 60 mins shaving time
* LED charging indicator, recharge warning lights, travel pouch & cleaning brush

Can't find this one on the Super Drug Website.

PS the only reason that I'm replacing my old one is that I had an accident where I knocked my razor off it's shelf while getting dried and it flew right into an open toilet, where it fell into multiple pieces, I took this as a sign that it was time for a new one.
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You can have 9 deg for that. Good deal and Hot for me.

Cheap as chips at that price.
I have had mine for 2 years and never had a problem. Really good.

its not just that their are others as well. For this specific one, been told that its not that comfortable on skin,,,,, but again i myself never used it.
Actually this model in Argos is £48.89...…422
Gets Very good reviews on there 4 out of 5 from 22 reviews!
I have one that looks identical to that. Its pretty **** to be honest. I wouldn't recommend it. No where near as close as wet shave, plus I found that overuse to try and get a proper shave resulted in inflamed skin.
It was ok for light use but as a daily shave? no I think its poor.
very few if any razors are ever gonna be as close as a wet shave, but I get your point. I only use the clippers as I like to have light stubble, but when I have used the foil not had any probs. I personally tend to find that a wet shave wrecks my skin, even with a good quality razor.
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