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Posted 11 November 2022

Remington Quick Cut Hair Clippers, HC4250 £29.99 @ Amazon Just Reduced Again.

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Remington Quick Cut Hair Clippers, HC4250A must-have grooming tool to create an array of salon hair styles, the Remington QuickCut hair clippers include nine guide combs ranging from 1.5-15mm. Simply pick the comb length required and you’re good to go.

Suitable for grading, tapering and trimming, this versatile hair clipper is all you need to create your desired look. And it doesn’t stop there; the QuickCut’s clever design also enables sideburns and the neck area to be cut easily and effectively.
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  1. Avatar
    Good clippers, had mine a few years and the battery is quite weak now but still works when plugged in fine. I would say lithium ion battery care would be good for longevity, as in don't run it flat, apparently keeping them between 20% - 80% is ideal. You can replace the battery if you have a soldering iron handy as you can see here:

    There’s no indicator showing battery % remaining so how can we do that? 🪫
  2. Avatar
    Had one of these, ok but the battery life fades pretty quickly. After a year wouldn't take a charge.
    You must have been unlucky as had mine over 4 years and battery last for ages using it a couple of times a week, very rarely charge it. (edited)
  3. Avatar
    It's very good but if you break one guide you have to buy a pack of them all. Other downside you don't know how much charge is left, so it can run out mid cut.
    Where can I buy a pack of the combs from
    mate? Fair few of mine are broke and I can only seem to find single combs and they
    are extortionate. May as well buy the
    whole set for the prices they asking
  4. Avatar
    Outstanding, fantastic, save money and time
  5. Avatar
    I hated these clippers. Kept on tugging on my hair. Not sharp or powerful enough
    I found some oil, which is included, stops that
  6. Avatar
    I have these, its decent and battery is ok after 2 years. I would have preferred one with a closer cut. Anyone know of a good trimmer that does the shortest cut without having to use a razor blade?
    This one has been working well for me. Usually goes on sale for about £40.
    Series 3000 looks pretty similar but comes with a NiCd battery and no back attachment. Regular sale price for that is around the £25 mark.
    I use it dry to avoid rashes. YMMV, depending on your hair/skin/genetics.
  7. Avatar
    What's the problems, it comes with a standard 3y warranty plus an extra year if registered online, making FOUR YEARS in total.
    When mine went wrong after 30 months, I contacted them and they sent me a new one, what I am using now.
  8. Avatar
    Had these... They are good, but they don't last and the maintenance is very frustrating, if they aren't happy they won't work (hard to explain but they buzz, then stop).

    Got rid and got some Wahl cordless cutters which have been amazing
    You need to run them underwater before each use and they’re fine
  9. Avatar
    I've got a full head of hair and bought these during the pandemic for home haircuts. Not really great and stuck to the £9.99 set of clippers I had. Probably good though for baldilocks that need to shave all their head.  
  10. Avatar
    Excellent bit of kit, been using one for 2 years
    Same here, great product! I bought this 2 years ago for 20£
  11. Avatar
    You last purchased this item on 23 Nov 2018...i am using this once every 3 weeks since....works faultlesss
  12. Avatar
    Mine is going great since end of 2019....
  13. Avatar
    Amazing this.
  14. Avatar
    Had one and last for 5 months
  15. Avatar
    Bought these in 2020 because of lockdown & barbers closed. Used them yesterday & still going strong. Easy to cut your own hair & gives exact same result as my barber who used to charge £5 but now charges £13. They've paid for themselves many times over!
  16. Avatar
    Got one of these in covid and haven’t changed since. Easy to use. Gives great results. Saves me dollar every couple of weeks too 🏻 🏻
  17. Avatar
    I have one of these for almost 2 years now. Absolutely faultless in operation, good width, quality build, low noise or vibration, nice ergonomics, but one major downside: The plastic guides invariably start losing some of their teeth or the catch clip that aligns with the clipper blades.

    That’s when you find out Remington doesn’t sell replacement guides in the UK market, (they do in the U.S.). If like me you only use one of the guides over and over again - for example, 1.5mm and 2mm, you’re stuffed and have to buy a whole new £30 clipper set or hope someone on eBay sells your 1.5 or 2mm guide.)
  18. Avatar
    I’ve had these for nearly 3 years now…. Used weekly… charged monthly via usb cant fault it.

    never oil it either - maybe i should!
  19. Avatar
    The best hair cutter I've found if you cut your own hair. True, some others cut a bit closer, but with its ease of use and consistent results it's great. I stand in the garden and cut my hair. Quick and easy with this. 5*****
  20. Avatar
    I use these to shave my head much better than some of the Wahl clippers closer shave and very quick dont need to repeatedly go over my dome
  21. Avatar
    Got this but don't use at all, as there is a much more competent item from Philips which allows for shaving ones own head
    What item from Philips??
  22. Avatar
    I have these. I use them regularly every fortnight or so, and they work really well. The only issue I had was my haircutting style. It is smaller than my previous model. That said, the issue was my adjusting to their size rather than the clippers. I would recommend them.
  23. Avatar
    I bought this but it pulls on sons hair. Looks great works ok but probably would just get normal clippers if regular user
  24. Avatar
    I’ve had the same one since 2015. Use them once a week (bare blade) and still work faultless. Same price at Very.

    Just looking around they do a limited edition red Manchester United version. Can’t see why anyone would want them tho. (edited)
  25. Avatar
    I like the shape and how well it cuts, but the battery is awful and I basically have to use it like wired clippers now. Lasted 12 months before being too weak to use wireless
    I agree. Same happened to me . I did read they changed to motor or something in them and the newer ones are better but I dont know. I think I'll go for another one as I do like the shape.
  26. Avatar
    Bought a year and a half ago and it’s still going strong. Solid buy that’s definitely paid for itself many times over.
  27. Avatar
    I’ve had two sets of these, great for cutting but both didn’t last long.
  28. Avatar
    There are brilliant clippers, I bought mine at the start of lockdown. Seem to have increased in price though as I paid less than this.
  29. Avatar
    how short does this cut? can it be used without the guides on?
  30. Avatar
    Got mine back in 2018, it's still going strong.
    I panic whenever it starts to slow down. Only to realise that it needs maintenance again. A drop of lubricant oil at both ends of the blade makes wonders.
  31. Avatar
    Had one and sold it after a few months. It was ok but didn’t shave as close as my older hair trimmer.
  32. Avatar
    These are poor quality, had 4 of these so far and everytime the battery dies just outside of warranty.
  33. Avatar
    Just a quick note - there are ALLOT of fakes that look like these. Don't be tricked & be sure it's original
  34. Avatar
    these are ok, but dont last long if you run them under the tap
  35. Avatar
    Loved it when I first had it but the battery is knackered now and won’t work unless it’s plugged in.
  36. Avatar
    Always been the same price
  37. Avatar
    These are my second set over the years , these ones came today, and are rough as hell, my heads got small cuts on, not sure , weird , maybe cheaper blades or faulty hence the lower price?
  38. Avatar
    Reduced to £29.99
  39. Avatar
    Price shot up