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Remington Quick Cut Hair Clippers - HC4250 - £29.99 @ Amazon

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Best price I've seen so far this year....

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About this item
  • Design enables sideburn and neck area to be cut easily and effectively
  • Ergonomic design to comfortably sit in the hand
  • Lithium powered 40 minutes run time
  • Nine fixed combs (1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4.5, 6, 9, 12, 15 mm)
  • Quick charge

Colour - Black/Red
Item weight - 19.68 Ounces
Brand - Remington
Power source - AC/Battery

Product Description
Designed to give you precision, control and speed, these hair clippers boast an array of features that means you can quickly and easily look and feel your best at all times. Remington’s CurveCut Blade technology delivers a cleaner, more even cut in less time, following the contours of your head for a trim worthy of any barbers. This technology, combined with its ergonomic design gives you more confidence and ease when cutting your own hair at home, as it sits perfectly in your hand, giving you the assurance that there’s no risk of slipping or dropping the clipper. Whatever style you want to achieve, it’s the grooming tool for you - whether it be trimming, detailing or edging, you are guaranteed total control.

Box Contains

  • 1 x HC4250 clipper
  • 1 x Instruction manual
  • 1 x Adapter
  • 1 x Cleaning brush
  • 1 x Small bottle of oil

Remington Quick Cut Hair Clippers, HC4250
A must-have grooming tool to create an array of salon hair styles, the Remington QuickCut hair clippers include nine guide combs ranging from 1.5-15mm. Simply pick the comb length required and you’re good to go.

Suitable for grading, tapering and trimming, this versatile hair clipper is all you need to create your desired look. And it doesn’t stop there; the QuickCut’s clever design also enables sideburns and the neck area to be cut easily and effectively.

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  1. Avatar
    Can't recommend enough, had mine for 3 years and saved a fortune, so easy to use and as good as the reviews.
    People say this and I can’t understand it, could it be that it just isn’t suitable for my hair type.. (Afro-Caribbean)?
  2. Avatar
    Found 2mm comb has broken easily, but 1.5mm and 2.5mm far more robust.

    Went for 2.5mm for a while, but thinning hair has moved me to 1.5mm.

    Had one with a dodgy battery, fully charged and just wouldn't drive cutting teeth, but other one is working great.
    Have you oiled the blades? I thought my battery was duff and then on the advice of someone on here I oiled the blades and now it works perfectly again.
  3. Avatar
    I have this, not good..
    I have this and its very good.
  4. Avatar
    Great bit of kit - has paid for itself ten times over in the years I've had mine
  5. Avatar
    Best purchase I ever made. Gone are the Wahl clippers i swore by that took a good 20 mins of going over to get the zero crop right down. Used this ... 5 minutes flat ! Amazing.. and to think when I first seen it I thought it looked ridiculous and would be rubbish! It proved me wrong!
  6. Avatar
    I use this and it's great, the only part i have trouble with is the dead centre of the head, I think i just have an odd shaped bumpy head
  7. Avatar
    Had this since the first lockdown (all barbers where shut 💈) and continued every fortnight since then. These 'do the job' like any barber I've been to. Saved an absolute fortune

    Highly recommended!
  8. Avatar
    I do find it odd that you can get such polar opposite opinions on these. Mine were also a lockdown purchase & 2.5 years on have no issues. I wonder if some bought the unbranded knock offs?

    The only slight issue is the lack of a low battery warning, so a bit annoying when they just stop mid-cut!
    Have also been using mine since the first lockdown with no issues. I always fully charge mine before using to reduce the risk of them running out mid-haircut
  9. Avatar
    Got stupid hair that's managed to wreck a few sets of cheap clippers. These have held up well so far. So would reccomend
  10. Avatar
    Mine works great,

    Tip for first time use if you have long enough hair, practise on a longer cut first and get that even before cutting shorter, that way you will have the hang of it before cutting to the actual length needed. (edited)
    I just put the smaller guard on and cut my hair, no messing. 👌
  11. Avatar
    Worst build quality ever, combs break easy and the worst thing of all, which in my opinion they have done on purpose is installed poor quality batteries which give up just outside of warranty
    Been using mine for 4 years, battery getting weak but I should expect that anyway
  12. Avatar
    I've bought a second one of these as the combs i use had lost some teeth and cant find replacements anywhere. Make sure you fully charge battery when get it to prolong its life
    That doesn't matter if they are lithium.
  13. Avatar
    Had one since June 2019 from 7dayshop £24.99
    I have simple cutting requirements, just zap it all off every couple of (3 max) weeks. It takes 5 mins tops
    The battery lasts so long that i virtually always forget where I put the charger lead when it does need charging.
    I have probably only charged it 7 or 8 times since i've had it. Sooo much easier to use than the Wahl plug in job I used to have.

    If it ever does cease to function I'd have no hesitation in getting another.
  14. Avatar
    Has anyone compared these in real life to the pro version? Are the pro's worth the extra money? (edited)
    Pro version?
  15. Avatar
    20% off for new Very customers who open a credit account + Topcashback. Once you have opened a credit account, you usually also get another 20% off code via email after a few weeks...
  16. Avatar
    The plastic teeth on the 2.5mm are a bit flimsy and a few have snapped off but generally I love my clippers. Had since the start of covid lockdowns and the battery is still going strong. Surprisingly easy to use and you get decent results.
  17. Avatar
    Yes had mine since first COVID , after a few cuts you get more neat and tidy get your money back after 3 trims . Best tip is take your time.