Remington R7150 Black Diamond - X Rotary Shaver £23.63 @ Mankind

Remington R7150 Black Diamond - X Rotary Shaver £23.63 @ Mankind

Found 29th Aug 2013
This is £43.63 which is a good price itself,but a slight glitch knocks off another £20 by entering FRESH into promo code.
In fact this glitch works on anything once you spend over £40.Ive got some Molton Brown and Whey protein myself.
Bear in mind that this may not work,get cancelled or may quickly be oos.
Hopes this helps someone


I have a Remington rotary shaver, a different model but has the same rotary blades as this one. It shaves really well, better than the Philishave I also have. But it gives me horrendous razor burn on my neck.
Good razor and worth buying if it doesn't irritate your skin.

mine has just died today so took the plunge on this 1 with next day delivery fingers crossed it dont get cancelled

how many websites do the hutgroup own

Sold out now.

Original Poster

remember you can use this glitch once you spend over £40 on anthing on the site

Sold out

That glitch doesn't seem to work

Shaver out of stock and code doesn't work on a different shaver for me

Sounds like I got in on time as mine being delivered today
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