Remote and Nunchuck Controller for Wii Black/White £14.55 @DX
Remote and Nunchuck Controller for Wii Black/White £14.55 @DX

Remote and Nunchuck Controller for Wii Black/White £14.55 @DX

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Great for if you have people round now and again but don't want to buy expensive official controllers. Come in black and white.
- Color: Black
- Unprecedented value! Perfect for all Wii owners
- Works just like the original Nunchuck product -- but not Wii/Nintendo branded (manufacturer did not print explicit Wii branding on the product)
- Features excellent build quality
- Connects to an 3rd party, OEM or original Wiimote
- Works just like the original nunchucks
- Cable length: 90cm


i have bought loads from deal extreme!! Very good service!!!

Especially as i have 2 children obsessed with Yoshi from mario and they do the teddys for about £2!!!

Eh, cant really compare it to an official controller, its £14.55 as its a 3rd party bit of kit. Never tried one, so dont know if good or bad, but think your comparison is a bit off.

I will vote hot...but there are problems with these , I bought some ...i even put a deal simliar to this....but I find that the controllers do a strange things like rest your official controllers, or wii board..etc. So you up end reseting your whole setup every time... its a great price...is worth risk..its up to you......some of these actually have better and louder speakers...sorry to be a tell ...tell

I bought a white set for the inlaws, which sounds very similar, (it has all the same 'indented' writing as the official remotes, just doesn't have the grey "Wii" printed on it), and it is fine for them.
However I found that the quality wasn't quite up to par, for instance the 'A' button felt like a switch, (if that makes sense), you push on it there is some movement, then you can feel it 'click' the actual button in the remote, whereas with the official ones it's all one fluid movement with no noticable seperate click.
As I say, only minor niggles.
I guess you gets what you pays for, but in 90% of cases these seem suitable, in fact it seems like a reasonably cheap way of my getting my son a set so I don't have to worry everytime he drops the set!
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