Remote Charging Stand (Wii) £9.98 @ Amazon

Remote Charging Stand (Wii) £9.98 @ Amazon

Found 7th Feb 2008
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* Stores your Wii console securely in its vertical position
* Built in charging docks for 2 x Wii remotes (remotes not included)
* Charging bay to charge 2 x AA batteries (batteries not included)
* Auto Cut Off when batteries are charged
* USB connection from your console provides powe
* Stylish Cool Blue LED light
* Requires 2 x AAA Ni-Mh batteries for each remote (batteries not supplied)


wrong 'go to deal' link mate


this is **** i got 1 and ended up going back to normall AA as the charge died in my aaa energizer plus after a week dont buy this product save your mony its rubbish!:whistling:

I have to disagree babyboy, i bought one months ago along with a few friends and ours are all going great. A fantastic buy when you compare it to the £15 single remote chargers that HMV etc sell. It sounds to me like you might have had duff rechargable batteries. Voted HOT!!


this is **** i got 1 and ended up going back ..

Bought mine from Amazon just before Christmas and not had a single problem with it, and it's probably already paid for itself by the savings created by using the rechargeable batteries (AAA size - the ones slightly smaller than the standard AA size supplied with the wii).
The blue lighting effect was described by a teenager as cool, and as I paid £1 less than the current price, this deal is becoming cooler by the month :-(
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