Remote Control App for Andorid - use code "appoftheday" to unlock pro features

Remote Control App for Andorid - use code "appoftheday" to unlock pro features

Found 21st Jan 2015
The Remote Control Collection is a compilation of remotes, which you can use to wirelessly control your Windows PC! The unified remotes enable you to control the PC beyond mouse and keyboard!

Included remote controls are:
-Live Screen (Pro)
-Media Player (Pro)
-Slideshows (Pro)

~Unlock the pro-features by unlock code "appoftheday"
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Is this for IOS or android?
Apologies I should of read it.
This was yesterdays

This was yesterdays

not sure about that but a quick search with the name didnt return any matches and the code still works.
If I select the app I have to buy it for £2.49
Figured it out. Don't use the app it lists on the appoftheday app, just search the store for 'Remote control collection' install the free one then upgrade using the code. The appoftheday app takes you to the paid app.
Worked for me thanks
"the voucher code you have entered is invalid" :-(
Still working. Thanks
Works for me as well
Free from play store!
Worked for me too. Downloaded the free version from Google Play, tapped on the bars at the top left, selected the upgrade option, and added the code. The app unlocked all the pro features. Thanks OP.
Thanks worked for me just clicked on free upgrades and entered code and it serious pro version unlocked
Bit off topic, but was given £2 credit to use on the amazon app store, anyone know if i buy in game app content it will come off the credit balance ?
Get Unified Remote and Teamviewer
I get "something went wrong" error
The code is already used can get a new one
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