Remote Control ceiling light & fan @ B&Q - £40.46 in-store

Remote Control ceiling light & fan @ B&Q - £40.46 in-store

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LocalFound 23rd May 2010
Ok, I had been looking at getting this ceiling fan for the past few days due to the absolute scorching weather and not being able to sleep at night due to the heat. I noticed last night they had taken 30% off it reducing it from £68 to £47.60. Until the end of Tomorrow (Monday 24th) they are running an in-store promotion whereby you get 15% off if you spend over £50. So yes, you will be required to buy something that costs around £2.50 in order to get this discount.

The ceiling light & fan in question doesnt come with any lights - it takes a G9 Halogen up to 60w. I bought a 4-pack of 40w (equiv. to about 55-60w) for £6, but you can get them cheaper online or elsewhere I am sure.

Anyway... £40 for a ceiling light and fan with remote control... plus it looks pretty sleek and modern to me which will look great in my bedroom. If the direct link doesnt work go to and search for '0000005136728'

Happy Summer everyone!

edit: There were a couple left at Paisley B&Q but 1 box was opened with some bits missing (it looked like) and the others has white blades with a black base - I preferred the black blades on a silver base personally.
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I take it you dont live in the UK! if you do, i dont think you can class the recent weather as being absolute scorching.
If you're going to get a ceiling fan, get a good 'un.

Bought an american make 'Hunter' about 7 years ago and it's still whisper quiet. Guy that fitted it said it was the best he'd ever fitted. Be aware that they do have some 'dodgy' looking ones that wouldn't look out of place in your great grand mothers house.

I take it you dont live in the UK! if you do, i dont think you can class … I take it you dont live in the UK! if you do, i dont think you can class the recent weather as being absolute scorching.

Whereabouts in the UK do you live if you don't think it's been scorching the last few days? Even here in Scotland, we're cooking, lol, and that's saying something!!

I've struggled to sleep with the heat the last few nights, thinking about getting an aircon unit in case we get a summer like last!
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I take it you dont live in the UK! if you do, i dont think you can class … I take it you dont live in the UK! if you do, i dont think you can class the recent weather as being absolute scorching.

Compared to some countries the UK is tiny. But it's amazing how different the weather can be even just 50 miles apart. Just because you have not been lucky to had good weather doesnt mean the whole of the UK hasnt either. - some of us have had scorchers and some folk will appreciate a deal like this!

West of Scotland at the very least has had an absolute scrorcher yesterday and today. 2 days during the past week it was sunny and hot too, and the rest of the days this past week may not have been sunny but the humidity made the heat very unpleasant. So for THOSE people who have had scorching weather or finding the nights warm and uncomfortable, this deal will help keep you nice and cool, and you don't even need to get out the bed to do it, all thanks to the remote control! :whistling:

So vote hot, 'cos it'll keep you cool :thumbsup:

PS. Spoke to a guy in-store who actually had the same fan... even showed me some photos of it in his living room to prove he wasnt just trying to get a same (not that they get comission either...) and gave it a fab review - quiet and very good air circulation. Plus the motor is reversible so during the cold winters, flip the motor and it will circulate the warmer air.

With ceiling fans it's hard to tell the good ones from the crap ones, especially when it's an 'own brand' sort of deal too (This deal is in the B&Q Colours range)... so really you need to try them yourself before recommending other brands imo. I will be getting this fit in tomorrow so will post back on my thoughts.
This are a god send, esp for the bedroom as no mucking about with switching them on/off using the pull-cord. Just keep the remote handy, on the button cooling day or night

We got one from B&Q for our bedroom about 4yrs ago - admittedly is it a nicer design than this one and cost around £100 BUT it still works a treat now and hardly makes a sound, just a gentle hum. It's especially brilliant on hot evenings / mornings when you are trying to get ready and its just sooo hot upstairs.

HOT!! Great find.

I take it you dont live in the UK! if you do, i dont think you can class … I take it you dont live in the UK! if you do, i dont think you can class the recent weather as being absolute scorching.

I would suggest seeing your GP, and getting a few tests. Thyroid particularly. It's been HOT, and because its following straight after a downright cold spell, it feels even warmer!
do they come in various colours?
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do they come in various colours?

These particular remote control ones come in two styles.

1) Black acrylic blades, silver base, white light cover (search on [url][/url] for 0000005136728)
2) White acrylic blades, black base, white light cover (search on [url][/url] for 0000005136704)

Base on both the above are different styles. Both come to the same price after the 15% discount. In Paisley B&Q there was only 1 left of 1) - the box was open and it looked like some stuff was missing. There were about 6 or 7 or 2) left - all boxes looked fine. Both take a single G9 halogen bulb like these:…8-3

I wouldnt recommend buying online if possible as these kinds of bulbs don't travel well it seems, but I listed Amazon purely as an example.
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Ok I got this fitted up the other day. Love it!

The whole thing is well constructed and feels solid. It's got a mounting system where the fan motor is on a 'pivot' so there's absolutely no vibration at all. None I can feel or hear anyway. The mounting system is also solid - my dad was practically swinging from the bracket after screwing it into the ceiling - if it held his weight it'll hold this thing fine! Fitting it up took about 20-30min.

Now...clearance. I am about 5ft 8-10 and can stand underneath the fan comfortably, but if you are a tall bloke in a normal sized house then you might have some issues because it does hang quite low.

If you are a short fry like me though... I absolutely love it! The remote works well but you do need some kind of line-of-sight like most things. The remote has controls for turning the light on or off and you can also dim the light to your liking. The fan has off, low, medium, high. Even on low you can feel the air being pushed down. And even on high (make sure to have a paperweight on anything quite light!) you can hardly hear it. My box standard pedestal fan when even on low is about 10x louder than this ceiling fan on high.

If you managed to get this for the £40, you got a bargain! Awesome fan!
We bought 3 of these last year but couldn't use them as our present light fittings aren't on a joist. I had no idea you couldn't just put them onto your normal light fitting. We would have had to get our light fittings plastered over, ceilings repainted, then new holes made for the fans. We didn't want all the hassle to returned them but was looking forward to having them. My mother was told she can't have them either as she has a gas fire in the living room and they are not allowed in same room.
Can ya buy seperate ceiling bracket for a kids b&q rocket light with fan and 3spotlights and remote control and were from thanks.
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