Remote Control Helicopter: Gyro Apache for £14.99 @ Play.Com

Remote Control Helicopter: Gyro Apache for £14.99 @ Play.Com

Found 30th Nov 2011
Looking for a RC helicopter and thought this Apache looked good for £14.99 - remember quidco / TCB
4% TCB
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Not sure why cold. Decent copter and price
This copter comes up every xmas, I got one 2 years ago and its so annoying, imagine trying to pilot a heli thats taken a few hits on the tail rotor and your trying to land the b%@! in a safe spot, its fun in mayday mayday we are going down type of way :P

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already posted
Buy a Syma S107G. Great copter that can be had for around the same price. Got mine on eBay
£17.99 now.
I have to agree, I have one of these, not very good. The Syma S107G is a much better helicopter to handle and much more fun. This one is far too light and therefore doesnt fly as well.
I bought one of these for my son and it's fab. 3rd chopper we have had and by far the best - can actually hover. Looks like an Apache and has some nice lights underneath. Cannot lift as much stuff as our old Chinook though (1 toy soldier in a marble bag).
yeah, syma s107 is better
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