Remote Control Monster Wheel 4x4 - £39.99 Argos (save £60!)

Remote Control Monster Wheel 4x4 - £39.99 Argos (save £60!)

Found 17th Dec 2012
We reserved this at the weekend & although I read the reviews it was still much larger than I expected! I'm sure we will have 1 very happy boy on Christmas day & 60% off original price too!

With real four wheel drive there is no obstacle too outrageous for this tough monster truck. Build tracks, ramps and jumps and watch in awe as this bold vehicle tackles them with ease. Even whirl your friends into a frenzy as it performs 360° spins
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Really want one now, obviously for my son who is far to small but I could put it away
I have a feeling that my other half will be wanting to play just as much as my son!
When they bought the box out we just laughed - it wouldn't fit in a standard size shopping trolley, my son hasn't got a clue he thinks the box contains a new microwave for Nanny!
Looks cool but not sure on RRP

Web pag states

"* Please note item 9075823 has previously been on sale at 49.99."
Does anybody know how good the battery life is on this thing?
it comes with a rechargeable battery & charger

it comes with a rechargeable battery & charger

Yes, I am aware of that as I saw it on a shelf in Argos. I looked all over the packaging and on the Internet but can't find any info on how long it will run on the battery it comes with.
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